Lisa's Most Coveted List

A random round-up of five things I love right now.

1. Mary Kay limited edition Mint Blossom Pedicure Set ($30). I like turning home pedicures and manicures into a ritual which starts with a soothing soak and involves exfoliation and moisturization. Then I'll flip through magazines or watch a movie and relax while my nails are drying. Kits like Mary Kay's make this ritual that much more enjoyable. The tote bag contains mint fizzies (drop them into a basin of warm water and watch them melt into nothing), a cooling moisturizing gel, pumice stone, and emery board--all the essentials for pampering tired feet. For an extra icy cool boost, I put the foot gel in the freezer for 10 minutes beforehand.

2. Cushions from IKEA's new MYRLILJA textile collection (in stores now). Who would've thought that IKEA's design team could be capable of coming up with something so twee? The MYRLILJA series is the brainchild of Lycke von Schantz, who looked to eclectic sources of inspiration to create a sense of whimsy and nostalgia in her designs. Expect graphic stripes and Pucci-esque colour swirls. But my favourite motifs are embodied by the cushions shown above: bright colours, polka dots, cameos, typography. If I weren't afraid these patterns would be too feminine for the boy's tastes, I'd be so tempted to buy a cushion or two for our new home.

3. Parliament Interiors. Speaking of home decor, consider me obsessed with this gem of a Gastown store. Shopping at Parliament is a bit like seeing a Pinterest board come to life. Chevron stripes and Greek keys on cushions, throws, and rugs. Tufted headboards and couches. Beautiful little white hexagonal side tables and glass coffee tables. Owls on everything. What's more, the owners do a great job stocking pieces that reflect the colour trends of the season. (Right now it's shades of blue, gray, and mustard yellow.) Seriously, check this place out.

4. Geisha Ink liquid eyeliner in brown ($30 at Noir Lash Lounge). Geisha Ink is my favourite liquid eyeliner of all time for good reason. It stays put all day without running or smudging, but comes off easily with a swipe of eye makeup remover. While black is a classic staple and ideal for dramatic cat-eyes, I like their new espresso brown shade during the day because it subtly defines the lash line without looking too harsh.

5. Joe Fresh marine boat neck tee ($24). Quite frankly, life is a little crazy right now and it hasn't left me much energy to focus on getting creative with outfits. Until I get my sartorial groove back, it's going to be easy no-brainer outfits like sailor stripes, jeans and ballet flats. The folks at Joe Fresh generously gifted me this tee when I attended their media preview a while ago and I can't stop wearing it. The heavyweight cotton is just warm enough for these autumnal-feeling summer days we've been having without feeling too heavy.

What are you coveting lately?


  1. I love anything mint, especially when it comes to my feet. Mint/peppermint is so refreshing and pampering for tired feet.

    These days I'm pretty much obsessed with washi tape.

    1. You should definitely try the pedi kit then.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Parliament Interiors - I will take your advice and check it out!

    I can't say I'm coveting anything in particular, although I love buying a bouquet of fresh flowers every week to brighten up my new den :)

    1. You're going to love Parliament. There's this blue lamp I'm eyeing there.

  3. The geisha eyeliner is my #1 item ! Don't know how I lived without it!


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