Product Review: SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

I'm a big believer in wearing SPF daily and I don't like heavy foundations, so naturally a product like SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 ($39) is right up my alley. SkinCeuticals's latest product is a sheer coverage tinted SPF formula. Its mineral-based sun blockers titanium dioxide and zinc oxide shield skin from broad spectrum protection UVA/UVB rays. (Bonus: Mineral sunscreens are often better for sensitive skin than chemical ones!) When used in conjunction with SkinCeuticals's other antioxidant products, Physical Fusion UV Defense also protects against infrared radiation, which creates free radicals that attack the skin and cause accelerated skin aging. What's more, Physical Fusion UV Defense is paraben-free and water and sweat-resistant.

I've been trying this product for the last few weeks and have nothing but good things to say about it. The sunscreen feels light and non-greasy on my skin and blends in well without leaving an ashy cast behind--always a concern with mineral-based sunscreens. I love the high SPF and the mineral formula: it makes me feel a lot less guilty about forgetting to reapply. It's too liquidy to moisturize well, so I usually apply a lightweight moisturizer beforehand. Some blush, concealer and mascara, and I have a low-maintenance makeup routine that takes fewer than 5 minutes. All in all, perfect for those mornings when I'm rushing to leave the house.

Do you have a favourite tinted sunscreen?

Check out the SkinCeuticals website for a list of retailers across Canada.

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  1. I desperately need something like this - I need to wear sun protection and never do, and I think it really just comes down to sheer laziness - I really only like one or two layers of product on my face! Will have to give this one a spin. Hope you're doing well love!

    Alex xoxo


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