Vancouver Loves Natural Beauty: Darcey Diehl of Lippy Girl

Vancouver Loves Natural Beauty is a blog miniseries running during the month of September, and highlighting the great organic and natural beauty and skincare labels founded right here in our fair city.

Organic makeup label Lippy Girl first came to my attention when I attended an event at Wishlist Boutique. With vibrant colours like 'Sassy Ass' (a neon pink, super-moisturizing lipstick which builds in intensity with every coat), fun names, a growing range of products, and cruelty-free USDA-certified organic formulas, Lippy Girl is a noteworthy beauty newcomer. I had the chance to talk to founder Darcey Diehl about the origins of Lippy Girl, balancing two careers with a bustling family life, and what's coming next.

Lippy Girl is a pretty new organic makeup line. What inspired you to create it?

Lippy Girl launched in October 2011. The idea hatched in my brain in March 2011 and I began experimenting and developing it soon after! I was pregnant with my second child, Olivia, and seeking hip, organic, natural makeup without lanolin, lactates, and other animal products as ingredents. Then I saw a famous quote that inspired me by Lily Tomlin: “I said 'Somebody should do something about that.' Then I realized I am somebody.” So I started making makeup.

What readers may not know is that you started this line as a chemistry teacher with zero background in the beauty industry. What were some of the obstacles you encountered in trying to get Lippy Girl off the ground?

I definetely had no experience in the makeup-making industry. I had modelled in my younger years, so I have a strong sense of what I want in a makeup product and a need to wear colours that are pigmented, vibrant, and fun. I spent hours reading blogs on makeup-making and watching Youtube videos, and then even more time in my lab and kitchen developing recipes. The biggest obstacle was finding manufacturers who wanted to work with a high school chemistry teacher starting a makeup line with her meager savings. Several times I wanted to give up, and rejection became a normal occurrence. Thank goodness my husband was always there to keep me going.

Is it hard balancing all these facets of your life--beauty entrepreneur, teaching, family life?

Incredibly hard sometimes, and blissful other times. Sometimes they all seem to co-exist happily, and other times all the areas of my life seem to be in crisis. I get up early and go to bed late, but everything I do is highly rewarding. My children, my students, and my makeup all grow and mature and make me proud of all the work I put into them.

What are your personal can't-live-without favourites from the Lippy Girl line?

I use Lip Love lip conditioner constantly! I love that it keeps my lips so soft and smooth. I wear 'Bewildered' Bronze blush everday, and 'Nonplussed' lipstick most often.

Are there any new products in the works?

I have just received Sha-Zam, a tinted lip shimmer made with organic ingredients. Still waiting for the labels to be printed and then they will be available. Extra Virgin Vegan Lip Gloss is USDA-certified organic and is due to be launched. Vegocentric Vegan lipstick is a mineral-coloured, organic lipstick line that is due to arrive this winter. And finally Lippy Girl is in pre-production with lipliners which have a tentative timeline of next spring. So lots to look forward to!

What's next for you, personally and professionally?

Personally I look forward to my son turning 4 and my daughter turning 1 in September! My son is busy planning his party and designing his cake already. Professionally, I look forward to growing and developing Lippy Girl; the plan next year is to expand into the USA.


  1. Lar and I have been on a huge all-natural kick lately. Once you start looking into the stuff that's put in regular make-up, you can't stop. It's become an obsession - finding new, nontoxic products. Needless to say, I really can't wait to try Lippy Girl!

  2. I love her. Sassy Ass is my personal favourite. I love that she does experiments in her kitchen!


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