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Vancouver Loves Natural Beauty is a blog miniseries running during the month of September, and highlighting the great organic and natural beauty and skincare labels founded right here in our fair city. Although Tata Harper technically isn't a Vancouver-based skincare label, the fact that Harper was in town recently and her products are available at BeautyMark merited an addendum to the miniseries.

Organic makeup and moisturizers are becoming more common, but the search for effective and all-natural anti-aging skincare remains a challenge. Enter Tata Harper.

Harper--who holds an engineering degree and comes from a long line of beauty-product-loving Colombian women--was prompted to create her eponymous skincare line after her stepfather was diagnosed with cancer. Women, she reasoned, shouldn't have to expose themselves to the harmful chemicals in beauty products when the products themsevles aren't very effective in the first place. Her epiphany took her on a five-year-long journey as she traveled the globe sourcing and researching ingredients for her new line.

But that journey was well worth it. Today, Tata Harper skincare is made on Harper's 1200-acre Vermont farm using ingredients from around the world. Her products have been earning raves and accolades since the line's launch. Organic, all-natural, chock full of active ingredients, and clinically proven results. No wonder celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, and Julianne Moore are fans.

The products Tata used on me

I got to see exactly what all the fuss was about when I met Harper herself and she gave me a facial using her skincare line. While we chatted about Latin music pop stars, Harper washed off my makeup using Regenerating Cleanser ($82.50) and applied the Resurfacing Mask ($60.50). She told me about the gentle enzyme-based exfoliants, hyaluronic acid (a humectant and skin plumper), and active botanicals in her products. She then inquired about my anti-aging skincare regimen as she spritzed Hydrating Floral Essence ($71.50) on my face, and then applied Rejuvenating Serum ($165) and Repairative Moisturizer($110). When I sheepishly admitted I didn't have a regimen and I'd be turning 28 soon, she exclaimed, "Girl, you better get on that!" The facial ended with the application of Restorative Eye Creme ($99) and a spot of aromatherapy. As she worked, I kept exclaiming how good all the products smelled; Harper explained that their sweet scent comes from all the natural ingredients and flowers in the formulas, not artificial fragrance.

The proof is in the pudding--or in this case, the post-facial complexion. I was absolutely glowing. My skin felt smooth, hydrated, and plump to the touch, and I had the sort of rosy yet even-toned complexion I can't achieve without a bit of concealer and blush. An hour with Tata Harper, and I was a believer.

Tata Harper skincare is available at BeautyMark in Yaletown.

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