5 Pre-Party Prep Solutions

I've always believed in good skincare habits, so naturally I'm a huge fan of pre-party prep rituals that care for one's complexion while priming it for makeup application later. After all, healthy skin makes the best canvas! Here are 5 pick-me-ups guaranteed to boost radiance and help you relax before you apply foundation and BB cream. Depending on how much time you have (5 seconds or 55+ minutes), there's a solution that'll work for you.

5 seconds: Think of the Lise Watier Beauty in a Flash Kit ($42) as an advent calendar for beauty lovers. Each door in this silver-foiled box opens to reveal a treat for every occasion, whether it's last minute cocktails or a blind date. Stash one of the Flash Lift Radiance vials in your bag if you're expecting to go out for Friday night drinks with colleagues: The contents erase fatigue and fine lines and refresh makeup in no time at all. Perfect for freshening up in the office bathroom.

5 minutes: Philosophy has really outdone itself with its micro exfoliating treatment kit ($70, available at The Bay). Inspired by the latest in dermatology treatments, this two-step, at-home microdermabrasion peel seems intimidatingly harsh but is actually quite gentle, plus it takes less than 5 minutes. Citrus-scented vitamin C/peptide crystals provide gentle exfoliation, followed by a lactic/salicylic acid activating gel that warms to the touch. Use the micro exfoliating treatment kit once a week for optimal results, and follow the instructions to the tee (1 minute for the crystals, 2 minutes for the gel) to prevent causing skin irritation. I like the idea of using it in a pinch to get rid of dry skin flakes pre-makeup application.

15 minutes: Slip on a mask and relax. MaskerAide's Pre Party Prep sheet mask ($6, available at BeautyMark) leaves skin soft and smooth with its blend of argan oil and natural extracts. For tired eyes, the Bio Lift Eye Patch in the Lise Watier Beauty in a Flash Kit de-puffs, moisturizes, and smooths with its blend of collagen, aloe, witch hazel, and vitamin E. I like how the eye patches adhere to the undereye area and don't fall off, making it easy to multi-task and do my nails at the same time.

55+ minutes: The Eminence Organics Detox Kit ($69, available at Spa Boutique) is basically a 5-step facial in a tube featuring pint-size products meant to be used in a specific order. First cleanse with the Citrus Exfoliating Wash, then gently scrub away dead skin with the Pear & Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher. Skip the redness and warm tingles induced by the Lime Stimulating Masque if you're short on time (the effects take 2 hours to fade away but are well worth it if you have an entire afternoon). However, the soothing Pink Grapefruit Vitality Mask is a must. Finish off with the Sour Cheery Whip Moisturizer (smells so good) and a few drops of Couperose-C antioxidant serum and you're good to go.

P.S. Prepped, primped skin, check. Now in case you missed it, here are a couple of glitter-infused makeup looks to try this holiday season.


  1. Love Philosophy products - they smell so good!



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