From the Red Carpet to Real Life: Jewelry from Leon's Beverly Hills


Ah, award show season. For avid celebrity and red carpet style-watchers, this is the highlight of the year. But while designer gowns get most of the attention and "who wore it best" analysis, a little love should be shown for celebrity jewelry too. After all, the right statement bijoux can complete a look or transform it entirely. Without those memorable emerald earrings, Angelina Jolie's black gown would just be another strapless number with a sweetheart neckline. And Emily Blunt's 2013 Golden Globes outfit wouldn't have been nearly as interesting without those eye-catching ruby earrings.

The custom jewelry designs from Beverly Hills-based jeweler Leon's have the same sort of transformative power over an outfit. I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to check out their website. The rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and necklaces definitely aren't for wallflowers. Big and bold, they combine unexpected stones (rubellite and rubies), metals (white and rose gold), and textures (sparkly pavé settings and smooth, round stones). Their intricacy and playfulness elicited some serious "If I were a movie star" daydreaming of my own. These pieces would look striking on the red carpet, wouldn't they? I particularly love the fireworks ring.

But as sweet as daydreaming can be, let's face it: We mere mortals don't have thousands of dollars to spend on diamonds appropriate only for galas and gowns. That's why I love the pieces pictured below. They're definitely still investment pieces, but they're more suitable for everyday wear and no less eye-catching than their more expensive counterparts. They'll provide a luxe finishing touch to the most basic blazer/tee/skinny jeans outfit or to girly date night dresses. (And speaking of date night, Valentine's Day is coming up--hint to all the guys looking for gift ideas!)


  1. Very pretty items, indeed :-)


    1. Aren't they? Stuff like this makes me wish I had squillions in disposable income. :)


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