Facebook Giveaway: Spring Vanity Revamp

I've been preoccupied with sprucing up my decor and my blog lately, which is why I'm celebrating the launch of my new Facebook page with a combined giveaway that combines these fixations and my love of beauty products. Let's take a look at the prizes, shall we?

Spruce up your vanity

Whether you need to revamp your vanity table or you have a messy bathroom counter, a few pretty but practical accessories go a long way. I love using vintage-inspired tumblers to hold brushes and liners. A three-drawer clear acrylic organizer keeps face products, lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes organized while taking up minimal space. Porcelain dishes are excellent catch-alls for trinkets and hair ties. The giveaway winner will receive the two glass tumblers, plastic drawer unit, and bowl pictured here (combined value $45).

Refresh your beauty kit

I filled the vanity accessories with my own beauty products and jewelry to give you an idea of what it all looks like. The bad news is my stuff isn't part of the prize, but the good news is that the products pictured below are. After all, what good is a pretty vanity if you don't love what's on it? At the very least, a new palette and a beautiful perfume bottle are essential.

The winner will receive these products with a combined retail value of $240:

Enter the giveaway

'Like' Solo Lisa on Facebook, then upload a photo. The photo can be of anything as long as it's related to beauty or vanity tables: your favourite lipstick or perfume; what your makeup organization (or lack thereof) looks like right now; the beloved trinkets that you always keep on display.

This is purely a Facebook giveaway, so don't leave any comments on this post! The contest ends on Wednesday March 13th, 12pm PST, at which time a winner will be randomly chosen. Good luck!

An Instagram shot of the products in their boxes

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  1. I will go & Like your new page on Facebook!

    Just wanted to let you know I have started posting again on my blog at www.joannefaith.com! :)


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