LUSH Launches New Gorilla Perfume Collection

Are you bored by vanilla musk? Do you find yourself doing a mental eye-roll every time a celebrity announces a new fragrance? If you're guilty of either, you might want to check out LUSH's newest Gorilla perfume collection. The capsule collection of nine distinctive scents is anything but ordinary.

Inspired by eclectic elements like ancient British history, music, politics, and literature, LUSH founder Mark Constantine and his father Simon have created perfumes worth a second sniff to truly understand all the notes. I'll admit, when I had a chance to check out the new Gorilla perfumes at the Robson LUSH store last Monday, my less-than-educated nose was overwhelmed. But after smelling each fragrance several times, I grew to appreciate the complexity and distinctiveness of the different formulas. Here's a glimpse of the collection.

Apothecary-like bottles and packaging inspired by comic books add up to a novel perfume experience. Each perfume is available in 6 different bottle sizes, with prices ranging from $14.95 to $179.95 depending on bottle size and formula.

My favourite of the bunch (and probably the most accessible, least challenging scent) is 'The Sun', a citrusy blend of tangerine and sandalwood that effortlessly evokes summer. 'The Sun' was purportedly inspired by Mark Constantine's cold winter drive down the New Jersey turnpike, listening to Simon and Garfunkel and wishing for warmth.

Top picks from left to right: 'Devil's Nightcap' (a fresh, clean scent inspired by a famous Druidic stone circle with oak moss, clary sage and ylang ylang); 'The Sun'; 'Furze' (reminiscent of a classic English garden); 'Flower's Barrow' (another scent with floral undertones as well as sage, thyme and blackcurrant); and 'Euphoria' (an uplifting citrus scent similar to 'The Sun').

LUSH's new Gorilla perfume collection is definitely an acquired, very personal taste. One person's favourite perfume could very well be another person's most despised. If you're lucky enough to find these fragrances at your local LUSH store, I encourage you to stop and smell them. Your nose might be in for a surprise.

The collection is available at select stores in North America and online starting this February.


  1. Love LUSH! I always have a bar of their solid shampoo on hand for carry-on only trips. Going to have to check this out.

    1. When you do, I'd be curious to know what your favourite Gorilla perfume is!


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