Latest Outfit: 2014 Resolutions

Casual look with moto jacket, jeans, plaid scarf, and sneakers
J. Crew necklace (c/o) and cashmere sweatshirt | Zara jacket | Plaid scarf (borrowed from the boy) | Gap 1969 Always Skinny jeans | Hudson's Bay x Converse sneakers (c/o) | Coach city bag | Lipstick: Rouge Dior 999

It's a week into 2014 and I'm still not ready for the new year to start yet. My Christmas flu—probably the worst flu I've ever had—lasted a week and a half, robbing me of the holiday excesses I planned to indulge in before becoming all virtuous and resolving to eat less, exercise more, and save more money. Not fair! In fact, this is the first time I've come out of the holiday season having lost weight and saved maybe the flu was a blessing in disguise?

My reluctance to kick-start the year has also translated into belated genuflecting and goal-setting. Looking back at last year's resolutions, I'd say I did pretty well. Professionally, I was promoted twice and completed a mobile content strategy and design course that proved interesting and relevant. My attention shifted away from blogging and freelancing toward developing my career. Financially, I managed to hit my savings goals. Personally, though, I'm still struggling to find a balance between self-care and productivity, and fashion-wise I had a couple of purchases that turned out to be little-used missteps.

Plaid scarf, moto jacket, and vintage Coach bag

With all that in mind, my keywords for 2014 are going to be SELF-CARE and OPTIMIZATION. There are a lot of things I want to do, but I know I won't be able to do them all without causing harm to my health and sanity.

  • Professionally, I want to keep developing my career with my manager's guidance. I want to finish reading 3-4 business or leadership books that will give me greater insight or new ideas.
  • Personally, I need to make room in my schedule for more exercise! I'm striving for at least 2 elliptical sessions, yoga, and one night of salsa dancing a week. Day to day, I'd also like to get back into the groove of cooking at home semi-regularly instead of subsisting on takeout, and plan a real vacation.
  • Financially, I want to save an extra $200 a month. That adds up to $2400 a year, which goes a long way toward the aforementioned vacation.
  • Fashion-wise, my goal is to make better use of what I already have.

Best of luck with your resolutions, whatever they may be!

scarf over a statement necklace
Hudson's Bay x Converse Jack Purcell lo-top sneakers


  1. Those are awesome goals! The "exercise more" is definitely on my list .. <3


  2. boo flu! i've heard the same from friends, worst ever. that totally sucks girl but sure hope that by now you're feeling better :) reflecting back on your past year must make you so proud. you've accomplished big time! and what you've laid out for this year ahead sounds awesome.

    love your new years opener outfit! those sneaks are beyond rad, i must sleuth those babies out and see if they could somehow make it into my closet sometime soon too :) happiest wishes for 2014!!! ♥

    1. Thanks, Lynn! I saw the doctor this weekend and he gave me something for the lingering cough. Feeling better and on the mend!


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