Living Colourfully in 2014

Kate Spade New York's 'Things We Love'

One of my favourite gifts this year was Kate Spade New York’s Things We Love, a compendium of the brand’s eclectic inspirations. It’s an impressive coffee table book, and if you’re a Kate Spade fan like I am, you can easily lose yourself in page after page of rich visuals. But apart from being a beautiful book, Things We Love is also a roadmap for adding more joie de vivre to ordinary days, and a springboard for some fun personal goals. I for one am taking these things to heart in 2014.

Kate Spade Things We Love #4: The Polka Dot

Cherish what I already own. Things We Love reminded me of things I loved, from the polka dot items in my closet to the sparkly accessories overflowing my jewelry drawers. It was a flattering yet sobering reminder that I already own plenty of beautiful things, and I should make full use of what I have and think twice before adding to my wardrobe.

Kate Spade Things We Love #9: Accessorizing with Abandon
Kate Spade Things We Love #10: The Cha-Cha

Dance more. There was once a time when a week without salsa felt like a long time. This year, sadly, whole months slipped by without me hitting the dance floor once. I really want to get back into the habit of going out dancing once a week; it’s a lot healthier and more social than being chained to my laptop, that’s for sure!

Kate Spade Things We Love #15: Adventures

Travel more. The boy and I are terrible at booking and planning vacations, which means for the past couple of years we haven’t gone away for anything aside from a long weekend here and there. 2014 will be our year to plan an exciting extended vacation somewhere we’ve never been before.

Kate Spade Things We Love #18: Cocktails

Entertain more. Over the holidays, we set up the bar cart we’d been discussing, but with most friends out of town and us succumbing to the flu, we ended up not entertaining anyone. I want to see that change in 2014, even if it’s just inviting friends over for a cocktail before dinner. Martini, anyone?


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  1. spade somehow jst does colors so well w/o looking clown-nish and still looking playful. i dont ever pull of color combinations like i see in her stores but often wish i could. that being said, that level of prep isnt' what i'm use to in my wardrobe of neutrals and drapey clothing.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Start small with accessories and home decor and stationery; those things are surprisingly easy to work in!

  2. I love this post!
    I need to travel more too this year, and I'd love to go back to Latin American dancing, I used to do it when I was really young and loved it!


  3. Ms. Spade sincerely rocks my socks! she's so iconic and has this effortlessly graceful way of being that i so admire. what a clever way you've worked her themes into a playful photo montage, love it! brilliant is what. happy new year (so belated - sorry!). ♥

    1. Shooting the photos was my favourite part of writing this post. :)


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