Featured in Sing Tao Daily

Solo Lisa in Sing Tao Daily

I had the privilege of being profiled in the beauty/lifestyle magazine portion of Sing Tao Daily 1.5 weeks ago along with a bevy of other Asian fashion bloggers. Perhaps not a big deal to English speakers, but for my parents who follow Chinese media and are regular readers of Sing Tao Daily, it was huge. My mom actually laughed out loud with delight when I called her and told her to pick up a copy. If you can read traditional Chinese, I encourage you to expand the photo and give it a go. Huge thanks to writer Vincent Chik for the honour!


  1. Congrats, Lisa! Are you able to read the article in Chinese? :)

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! I can read bits of it, enough to get the gist. You?

  2. omgsh that's so awesome Lisa! Congratulations!!!


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