Latest Outfit: Dish Denim & Life Simplified

Black moto jacket and grey skinny jeans
Zara jacket | J. Crew tee | Dish jeans (c/o) | Aldo shoes | Beausoleil glasses |
Lips: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy 'Thrilling'

I'm always looking for ways to streamline my life when things get really busy, and this is doubly true when getting dressed. This outfit is a prime example of all my favourite style shortcuts. Glasses instead of contacts: check. Basic white tee: check. A jacket that makes everything else look put together (in this case, a black moto): check. Tassel loafers that are as comfy as sneakers, but look a notch dressier: check. Berry lips: check.

The real star of the show has to be these grey skinny jeans from Vancouver-based Dish though, which are made from high-tech tencel-based denim. They cool you down when it's warm, keep you warm when it's cold, wick moisture away, and resist odor and bacteria. (Fewer launderings required: bonus!) What's more, they're so stretchy that you can do yoga in them but they still retain their shape.

I'd already been wearing these for a week straight when these photos were taken—yes, even to salsa, which is as sweaty as it gets! The jeans still look and feel freshly washed: no lived-in, slightly-dirty feeling; no sagging around the bum or knees. Getting dressed in the mornings has been as simple as pulling on these jeans and building a look around them. The fact that they'll look good and stay comfy around the clock means I have one less thing to think about in my simplified, streamlined life. These are going to be in heavy rotation during the fall/winter; as the mercury drops, the tencel's insulating properties will really come in handy.

Tortoiseshell specs, berry lips and a black moto jacket with a basic white tee
Black moto jacket, skinny grey denim, black tassel loafers, basic white tee
Aldo black 'Nissim' tassel loafers
Black moto jacket and grey skinny jeans


  1. Great outfit! And I have the exactly same jacket, it's so versatile! Love how you styled it :)

    Style Standpoint

    1. I feel the same way about this jacket! Fast fashion versions of moto jackets come and go, but this one has sticking power.


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