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Hello and happy Monday, everyone! I hope you've been enjoying your holidays as much as I have. The past few days have passed in a haze of indulgence and sweet nothingness: eating, drinking Bailey's spiked hot chocolate and coffee, spending time with friends and family, hosting a waffle brunch, salsa dancing, watching movies, going for long aimless walks...I can't remember the last time I was this relaxed. I'm at work for the next couple of days and then off again from January 1-4. Until the blog returns to its regular posting schedule in 2015, here's a look at some of my favourite posts from the past year.

Did you know there are 10 different eyeshadow trio combos in every Dior 5 Couleurs palette? This and other cool tips from Diorshow national artist Pascal Grand'Maison.

I'm always tweaking my "no makeup" makeup routine, but this one really worked for me during the warmer months.

I try a lot of beauty products in a year; these sheet mask mitts for your nails are one of the more unusual ones. Other highlights: a line for adult acne sufferers that really works (I should know as I used it for 2+ months to get my skin back on track!), and a super-minimalist skincare routine that comprises 2 products only.

Bookmark this sangria recipe for your first summer barbecue of 2015.

One of my favourite shoe trends from spring 2014.

Meeting Fresh's co-founder Lev Glazman was a beauty blogger's dream.

Whether you're planning on entertaining this NYE or resolving to throw more parties in 2015, here are my tips on creating and stocking your bar cart on the cheap.

Start the new year looking like the best, most relaxed you: 5 beauty destinations to treat yourself to in Vancouver.

Stila's limited edition 20th anniversary eyeshadow palettes are so pretty. Nab one before it's too late.

Strip lashes vs. lash extensions: I test-drove ultra-luxe versions of each.

What goes into the making of a $2,200 skincare product?

To get you through the rest of the winter, here are 7 product recommendations to ward off dry skin.

Does your NYE beauty strategem involve an Emergency Bold Lipstick?

I had the privilege of traveling to Toronto as part of #BeautyUnited this year, and my travel opportunities didn't stop as 2014 progressed. The boy and I took our first real vacation in 4 years, exploring Boston and New England. (There's more from that trip, but I haven't had a chance to edit and upload photos yet. Eep!) We also went to San Francisco.

And speaking of the boy, the biggest personal development this year was probably getting engaged. Expect to see more bridal and planning updates as we get closer to the big day.

See you in 2015, dear readers!


  1. You had such a lovely 2014, Lisa! Can't wait to see what 2015 holds for you :)

    1. Aw thanks, Jenn! Likewise to you. Fingers crossed that we get to see each other again in 2015.


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