4 Kitschy Prints To Try This Summer

1. Romper | 2. Sleep tank and Sleep shorts | 3. Scarf | 4. Shoes

Normcore and minimalism be damned: Summer is coming, and I want a lively print or two to add personality to my closet full of basics. This season's patterns are more Florida kitsch than classic good taste and I'm loving it. Minimalist? Hardly. Whimsical, idiosyncratic, adorable? Yes, yes, and yes. Wear these 4 eye-catching motifs with neutrals, denim, chambray, and summer whites.

1. Palm leaves: At the Old Navy spring/summer media preview, I fell head over heels for this little palm print romper (on sale now $24). It's perfect for the hot, humid weather I'll be experiencing when we go on vacation this August.

2. Pineapples: Pineapples were a popular decorative motif during colonial times, when New England sailors would bring pineapples with them while sailing from the Caribbean back home; a fresh pineapple on a New England porch signaled to the community that the sailor in the family had made it home safe and sound. They've been staging a comeback in the past couple years via Instagram and adorable finds like this Joe Fresh sleep tank ($10) and short ($10).

3. Flamingos: Graceful, pink, and just a little oddball—what's not to love about flamingos? Kate Spade has a slew of flamingo-emblazoned goods this season, but I picked this scarf ($128) to dress up any outfit with a pop of colour. (Think how good it'd look with black-and-white Breton stripes!)

4. Bananas: I've been wearing these Juice Truck x Native Shoes limited edition 'Verona' shoes since receiving them at the launch party last Thursday and they've gotten so many compliments (and once-overs from strangers). The limited-edition, psychedelic banana print is by Glasfurd & Walker, and if you look closely, you'll notice raindrops—a nod to both companies' Vancouver roots. Available at El Kartel and Walrus, as well as at the Juice Truck Store.


  1. I absolutely love flamingo print. I have two flamingo print shirts and am going to wear them lots.

    Currently, I'm on the lookout for a palm print dress or skirt.

  2. Oh I love these, Lisa! They really are a visual feast for the eyeballs. That said, I usually tend to stick with my usual black, grey and denim not because I don't love colour and pattern but I don't love it on me. Once and a while I'll break them out but I feel I look like a little girl in them (I feel shorter -- which I know is a weird thing to feel when wearing a pattern ;D). So maybe I can do the pjs!

    1. To each their own. :) I think the PJs would look great on you. And I've been pretty conservative with wearing patterns these days, but patterned shoes! The Juice Truck x Native Shoes collab seems to go with every outfit that revolves around shorts or boyfriend jeans.

  3. I'm not usually a pattern/print girl, but I love the palm print trend. There's something very retro - but not kitschy - about it. I'm very tempted to swing by Old Navy this weekend!

    1. I ordered the palm print romper and it just arrived this weekend. So cute!


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