Day To Night Date Style

How to transition a date look from afternoon fun in the sun to an evening downtown

Happy Monday, dear readers, and for those of you who are mothers or mothers-to-be, hope you had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday! The boy and I took full advantage of the summer-like weather on Saturday and had an an all-day date. We started out with brunch and two rounds of mini golf, then ventured downtown for an early dinner (hello, happy hour oysters) and an 8pm showing of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. All in all, it was one of the best, most relaxing days we've had in a long time, but an all-day date does beg the question: What does one wear to transition from fun in the sun to a night on the town?

I opted for a white lace top and cargo-style shorts from LOFT, which I paired with different accessories and beauty products. For daytime wear, I kept things casual with a pair of slip-ons from local brand Native Shoes and a simple pendant necklace. Shades and an SPF tinted lip balm provided some much-needed sun protection while we putted our way through the mini golf course.

When it was time to head downtown, I swapped my slip-ons for a pair of pointy-toed flats much like these ones from Madewell. My trusty black J. Crew schoolboy blazer added polish to my casual ensemble, as well as keeping me warm in the air-conditioned multiplex. And let's not forget the finishing touches: A little red crossbody bag, a spritz of Miss Dior Hair Mist in my locks, and a bright red-orange lipstick made me feel pretty and evening-appropriate.

As the days warm up and grow longer, I'm anticipating more Saturdays spent exploring and enjoying all that Vancouver has to offer! Do you and your significant other do all-day date days, and if so, what do you enjoy doing? Do you switch up your look from day to night?


  1. HI Lisa
    Oooo this is such a good transition post! I'm always sort of befuddled by day-to-night transitions in my own closet -- so it's so nice to see how other ladies manage it.
    I have to say too, that I was really encouraged by your lovely weather in Vancouver this time of year ;D Edinburgh is still cold and rainy most of the time (and I still wear a winter coat most days). I have high hopes for Seattle being an improvement!

    1. This spring has been gorgeous for sure! You're going to love it in Seattle.


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