Lazy Girl Approved: Lip/Cheek Colours

Lazy Girl Approved highlights long-lasting, goof-proof, fuss-free products that can fit into the most minimalist of regimens. If you consider yourself a low-maintenance beauty lover, these product reviews are for you!

Multi-use lip/cheek colours

Few products have as much face-brightening impact as a good blush or lip colour, and when they're combined in a single product, even better! More and more companies are catching on to the multi-tasking miraculousness of a lip/cheek colour, which means there are more formulas for you to choose from (and explains why I couldn't narrow this post down to just one).

What it is: A two-in-one product that can be used on cheeks and lips. Some formulas, like NARS The Multiple and and ILIA Multi-Stick, can be used on the eyes too.

Packaging-wise: Lip/cheek colours most often come in a twist-up, glue-stick-like format. Dior Cheek & Lip Glow comes in a glass bottle with a swab applicator, which suits its light texture better. Mary Kay At Play Lip & Cheek Stick is probably the most portable of the bunch as it comes in stick form and is barely 2" tall.

Formula-wise: Mary Kay At Play Lip & Cheek Stick is creamy and pigmented; if you're looking for a budget-friendly option that gets the job done, this is it. NARS The Multiple comes in shimmery and matte versions. All-natural beauty lovers will appreciate Vancouver-based ILIA's organic formula, which performs just as well as mainstream counterparts. For the ultimate natural-looking flush though, it has to be Dior Cheek & Lip Glow; the weightless, water-like texture blends and absorbs like a dream, providing the sheerest veil of "like you, but better" pink.

Lazy girls will like it because: A lip/cheek colour is ultra-portable, does double duty in a post-workout beauty bag (which means one less product to tote around), and eliminates the need for brushes (which means one less brush to keep clean). Triple win!


  1. Great review, Lisa! I've only tried one two-and-one (Josie Maran) and liked it but preferred it on my cheeks rather than my lips. But I'm super-excited to try Ilia once I move to Seattle. It looks perfect. As does the Dior.
    xoxo, Lar

    1. I actually prefer the Dior one on my cheeks too; the lightweight texture imparts colour but not a lot of moisture, so I'll swipe clear lip balm on top.

  2. I've never used a two-and-one before because I find it intimidating to find the best color. That being said, I totally want to try the ILIA version!

    1. It's really good; I received one as a sample several years ago when it first came out and used it up within one season.


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