Product Review: L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara

L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara

"Doll-faced" is usually a figure of speech when it comes to beauty looks, but in the case of L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara ($11.99 at London Drugs), which promises to give you anime character-inspired lashes, the expression is quite literal. This latest iteration of L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara boasts a texturizing, volumizing formula and a 360-degree spiked brush. The idea is that you can build up your lash look from heightened volume to editorial-worthy spikes.

I have to admit, I love the concept behind the mascara and the brush. Sailor Moon-inspired flirty eyes? Bring them on. The staggered bristles of varying heights carry a lot of product and create uneven spikes and clumps that look intentional, as opposed to looking like your mascara application skills need work. It only took 2-3 swipes from the base of my lashes to the tips for a volumized, spiky look. This is a fun, user-friendly mascara if you're looking to experiment with the clumped lashes look from the runway.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara applicator brush

The biggest drawback of L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara is the formula. Sure, it texturized like it claims to, but it also began smudging around the 3-hour mark and kept depositing a faint shadow of product along my lower lashline as the day wore on. I'm not terribly surprised by this as I have a lashline that sits very close to my eye crease when my eyes are fully open, and I have oily eyelids to boot; I can count the number of mascaras guaranteed not to smudge for me on one hand. So as intriguing as the brush and the concept are, I'll have to give this mascara a pass for the smudge factor alone.

Have you tried L'Oreal Miss Manga Rock Mascara?


  1. It's disappointing to hear about the smudge factor but I do appreciate an honest review. I love Tarte's mascaras- they have great staying power and I'm always surprised that such a "natural" product works so well.

    Have a great day!

    1. I tried one of Tarte's mascaras once and it smudged on me too! As a beauty blogger, I suppose the oily eyelids are a mixed blessing: if the mascara or liner stay put on me, they'll stay put on anyone.

  2. My lashes are stick straight (no matter how much I curl them) so I never get smudges even with my oily eyelids. I still don't know if I'd go for an anime look, but I agree with By Way of Berlin, I do love the Tarte mascaras! I have to use more natural mascaras because anything else will irritate my eyes.

    1. Interesting! I'd never considered lash curliness in relation to smudging before.


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