Cozy, Merry, Bright

I don't know if it's the relentlessly dreary weather outside or the busy season getting the better of me, but these days all I want to do is cozy up in the great indoors—on my couch, specifically, surrounded by a few of my favourite creature comforts.

1. I have a pair of PJ Salvage flannel pajamas ($89.31) with little cakes printed on them and absolutely love them. They're by far the coziest, warmest, thickest flannel PJs on the market and totally worth the price. The pink champagne glass set is just as girly and adorable.

2. My lipstick mug ($34.58) is always filled with something hot to sip like tea or cocoa.

3. When I'm padding around our condo's hardwood floors during the winter, I like to wear extra thick socks ($24.50) like these ones to keep them warm.

4. Around this time of year I'm partial to Frasier Fir Thymes candles, but usually I prefer Voluspa Saijo Persimmon.

5. I fully agree with the sentiment on this Great Indoors throw pillow ($24).

6. A constant refrain heard on our couch is "Can you pass me that blanket?" because even with the socks and the flannel PJs, I can still get chilly. That's why something like this cozy pink throw ($116.21) is a necessity.

7. Kate Spade's All In Good Taste ($27.47) is rife with entertaining tips to make life indoors inspired and festive.

8. You'll want to devour Garance Doré's Love x Style x Life ($24.45) in one sitting like I did; it's stylish, charming, and compulsively readable.

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