Lazy Girl Approved: The Ultimate Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Lazy Girl Approved highlights long-lasting, goof-proof, fuss-free products that can fit into the most minimalist of regimens. If you consider yourself a low-maintenance beauty lover, these product reviews are for you!

These multitasking beauty and skincare essentials save room in your gym bag and time in your post-workout primp session.

The secret to a Lazy Girl Approved gym bag? Multi-tasking products that streamline what you need to carry, and are designed to get you from your workout to looking presentable in public again, in record time.

1. Cleansing cloths are a godsend for removing a full face of makeup in a hurry pre-workout. I'm a big fan of Olay Wet Cleansing Cloths ($7.99 at London Drugs): they feel really saturated with cleansing solution and dissolve mascara and bright lip colours with ease.

2. In the shower, lather up with Philosophy shampoo, bath and shower gel ($27.36), which smells oh so good and eliminates the need to carry shampoo and soap separately. Philosophy only sells these in huge bottles though, so I recommend decanting some in a travel-size container.

3. Working out constantly + frequently shampooing sweaty hair = parched ends. Bumble & Bumble Super Rich Conditioner ($11.50) to the rescue!

4. A detangling comb gets rid of knots in and out of the shower and takes up less space than a brush. I like Sephora's version ($8) because it's pink and the plastic feels solid (i.e. no brittle comb teeth breaking off).

5. Even though cleansing cloths do in a pinch, they can never substitute for actually washing your face. Philosophy Purity Made Simple ($16.64)—previously reviewed here—is a gentle but effective cleanser that removes everything.

6. My hair is really thick and heavy and has a tendency to slip out of ponytails and braids, but these grippy Goody elastics ($4.99 at London Drugs) are strong enough to hold everything in place and have serious staying power. I use them to put my hair in a ponytail or topknot during barre class. Afterward, if I'm feeling too lazy to blow-dry my hair completely, I'll twist or braid the damp ends and secure it all using the same elastic.

7. If you're pressed for time, a quick spritz of Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo ($4.99 at London Drugs, travel size available here) in your roots will refresh locks until you can lather up.

8. Consonant Deodorant ($12, available at BeautyMark) is all-natural, in easy-to-use stick form and (surprise!) it actually works. The formula de-alkalizes your skin to combat smelliness while bentonite clay and arrowroot powder absorb moisture and cocoa butter moisturizes.

9. L'Occitane's pure shea butter tin ($12) replaces a multitude of moisturizing products. Rub this wherever needed: on dry patches, rough elbows and knees, lips, hands, get the idea.

10, 11 and 12. You don't need much to enhance a post-workout glow: Apply some BB cream, dab on a lip/cheek colour, maybe a coat or two of mascara. My picks: Estee Lauder Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Cream ($45) because it imparts a luminous finish, hydrates, and provides SPF protection; Da Lish Lip/Cheek Balm ($15, available at LYNNsteven) because of its natural yet pigmented formula and lipbalm-like size; and Cover Girl Lash Blast Length mascara ($9.49 at London Drugs), which is smudge-proof and lengthening and will look natural and pretty with minimal makeup.

I'm curious: What are your tips and tricks for getting ready post-workout?

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  1. My face is usually pretty red after working out. So after using a cleansing cloth, I spritz my face with rose water. I don't think it reduces the redness, but it does feel like it cools me down somehow.

    Have you ever tried the Estee Lauder EE cream? I've heard good things, but never given it a go.

    1. Not the EE cream, no! You have me curious now.

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