Drugstore Delight: Cover Girl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara

Cover Girl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara

Cover Girl has launched some mascara misses the past few years, but I'm happy to report the new Cover Girl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara isn't one of them. It ticks all the boxes I require of a mascara, and with a price tag hovering around the $10 mark, it's certainly friendlier on the pocketbook than department store counterparts.

Plumpify BlastPro claims to give lashes 50x volume with a unique double-action brush which lifts lashes at the roots and adds volume sans clumps. You might have seen this brush in the Plumpify BlastPro ads in all its red, double-helix glory. Up close, the bristles are a blend of narrow spikes and flat long pieces arranged in a spiral pattern.

Cover Girl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara applicator wand brush

It's a pretty intimidating brush to use, isn't it? I'm game for anything and even I was stumped. The first few times with Plumpify BlastPro were a trial-and-error process as I tried to figure out how to angle the figure eight profile of the brush to best suit my short Asian lashes. You'll probably have to do the same.

Cover Girl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara applicator wand brush

As promised, Plumpify BlastPRO delivers a noticeable improvement in volume if not in length. The bristles don't really seem to lift lashes (I still rely on a lash curler for that). The first coat can be quite thick and I prefer a more natural look, which is why I sweep the brush through a couple more times to comb out nascent clumps.

Cover Girl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara applicator wand brush

But an innovative brush isn't enough. For a mascara to be a true drugstore delight in my books, it also has to be long-wearing, flake-proof and smudge-proof all day long, yet easy to remove with a damp washcloth or a conventional eye makeup remover come bedtime. Plumpify BlastPRO is all of these things. I don't know if this mascara surpasses LashBlast Length and LashBlast Volume, but it's worth a try if you're replacing your current mascara with a fresh one, if only for that fun brush shape.

Cover Girl Plumpify BlastPRO Mascara

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  1. So would this be a good everyday mascara - or is it a little too dramatic? I'm always overwhelmed with all the mascara options at the drug store!

    1. It wears very well throughout the day and washes off really nicely, so in that sense it'd be a good everyday mascara. I guess it depends on the overall look you like for lashes. Plumpify blastPRO does give them a more "made up" look, so I go minimal with everything else: groomed brows, concealer and base, highlighter, bronzer.


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