Sunday Skincare Ritual: Fresh Rose Face Mask

Fresh Rose Face Mask

I adore a good sheet mask as much as the next beauty blogger (as evidenced by this post, this post, and this post), but sometimes I feel bad about how much garbage a single sheet mask generates. Between the mask, the packet, and plastic or paper interlining, that's a lot of stuff going into a landfill! Thankfully, Fresh Rose Face Mask ($72) has been giving me all the sheet mask feels this winter, minus the eco-guilt trip.

The Rose Face Mask is one of Fresh's cult faves and for good reason. Each heavy white jar contains two and a half roses' worth of petals and is composed of 50% pure rosewater, long touted as an excellent natural toner. Cucumber extract and aloe vera calm inflammation, while green tea brightens and algae hydrates. As for the texture, it's a not-too-rich but deeply hydrating gel consistency that has a cooling feel right on first contact—much like a sheet mask.

Fresh Rose Face Mask product in jar close-up

Unlike detoxifying kaolin clay-based masks which can be harsh and drying, the Fresh Rose Face Mask is so gentle and soothing you can use it daily if desired, and its hydrating/toning/calming benefits are suitable for all skin types. I've been using it all winter—on Sundays after exfoliating and sometimes in the middle of the week if I'm craving a hydration boost. It always leaves my skin softer and more even-toned and eradicates any redness. If I focus on the rose scent and the rose petal bits suspended in the formula and the cooling sensation of the mask, and I close my eyes and enjoy how relaxed I feel, I can almost pretend I'm at the spa.

Fresh Rose Face Mask swatch product texture

The strange irony of the Fresh Rose Face Mask is that its price per use is significantly lower than that of a sheet mask, even though its user experience is arguably more luxe. Despite my constant use all season, only about a quarter of the 100 ml jar is gone. $72 may feel like a splurge, but one jar will last all year and bring many 5-10 minute bouts of relaxation and joy. This is a face mask you'll want to keep in your arsenal for all seasons.

Have you tried Fresh's Rose Face Mask?

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  1. You're so right about those sheet masks - so much waste! I love how spa-like they feel, but I do hate throwing so much stuff away in the process. I've heard great things about this mask, but I've never purchased it because I don't regularly use masks - even though I probably should. Of course, as always, after reading your post, I'm sooo tempted to get my hands on this and make it part of my Sunday ritual. I find that as I've been minimalizing my closet, I've actually added to my beauty routine because I can spend more time on self-care now that I'm not constantly worrying about what to wear.

    1. I've been doing the same thing re. more beauty, less worry about what to wear! And this mask is so gentle and so beneficial for all skin types. Who couldn't use more hydration/toning/calming?

  2. Hey Lisa, thanks for sharing this wonderful face care solution. I’m suffering from a skin problem. Gonna try this face mask. I also want to add a goat milk product to my skincare ritual. Do you have any idea about Caprina’s goat milk products? I am going to order this from

    1. I've never tried those goat milk products actually. Hope they help with your skin problem though!

  3. Thanks Lisa, wonderful blog ! My colleague Erin had a kind of successful trial with Canus fresh goat's milk soap, Its my turn now !


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