Lazy Girl Approved: Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner

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Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner

Lip gloss, mascara, and eyeliner used to be the products that Lazy Girls cited most often as the ones they'd never leave the house without, even if the rest of their faces were makeup-free. Now that's shifted to brow products, and for good reason. Brows—like fluttery lashes or the perfect "my lips but better" shade of pink lipstick—add effortless polish to a 5-minute face, especially when you're using something like Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner ($30 at BeautyMark).

What it is: Amaterasu (formerly known as Geisha Ink) is known for stay-put eye makeup products including one of my all-time faves because it's so smudge-proof, the Liquid Eyeliner. The Liquid Eyebrow Liner promises the same stay-put power but for your brows.

Packaging-wise: This is a skinny black marker for your brows with an ultra-fine, microfiber felt tip. The tip gives you control and precision, letting you do short, feathery strokes that mimic the direction of hair growth.

Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner pen tip close-up

Formula-wise: True to its word, the Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner sets quickly and won't budge. I recommend having Q-Tips and makeup remover handy the first few times you use it; the formula isn't as forgiving of mistakes as blend-able pencil. Once you have your technique down though, the result is soft, shadowy, and subtle, blending right in with the rest of your brows.

Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner swatch

Shades-wise: Comes in 'Brunette' (a cool brown/black with no reddish tones), 'Chestnut' (auburn/reddish brown), and 'Cocoa' (brownish). 'Brunette' was the one I received for review, and it works very well for Asians.

Lazy girls will like it because: Instead of fussing around with gels, powders, pencils, palettes, and spoolie brushes, the Amaterasu Liquid Eyebrow Liner is One Brow Product To Rule Them All, shaving precious seconds off a 5-minute face beauty routine. I keep mine in my gym beauty bag for post-barre class, pre-dinner plan prep.

P.S. Happy Year of the Monkey to all my Chinese readers!

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