Spring Decor Refresh: Q&A With Samantha Pynn About Her New Simons Home Collection

Samantha Pynn for Maison Simons lattice blush duvet cover set

Spring: a time for fresh-cut tulips, seasonal allergies, deep cleaning—and perhaps a few design updates around the home? I couldn't help but be inspired to make a few tweaks to the condo after seeing the new Samantha Pynn for Simons home collection. Think patterns ranging from nature-inspired to geometrics, lattices, and stripes; light neutrals and pastels that will add an airy touch to a dark winter palette; and jewel-toned accents of saffron, sapphire, and magenta for fun. The best part? The Samantha Pynn for Simons collection starts as low as $5 and has something for everyone. I caught up with the Canadian design darling—whose resume boasts stints at HGTV, Chatelaine, the National Post, and CityLine on CityTV—to find out more about her inspirations, her best spring decor tips, and what DIY project she really wants to tackle this season.

Canadian design expert Samantha Pynn talks about her new Maison Simons spring home decor collection

How did this exciting collaboration with Simons come about?

It was just such a great fit. A brand manager who I've known for a long time, Michelle Guerrero put me in contact with Simons. I had always loved the store for fashion and home linens. They carry awesome product and have a unique fashion-forward perspective that is totally approachable and inspiring, so it seemed like a natural fit. Then I met with the buyers and Peter Simons and I was hooked! Simons is all about the customer. And, for me, I am all about the reader, the viewer, the homeowner, and the person who is trying to make their home happy and comfortable.

Where did you draw your inspiration from for the collection?

I find inspiration everywhere. From iron work and old tiles to great clothing and vintage furniture to candy wrappers and rocks. Plus, I have so many friends in decorating and design who are constantly showing me things that they love. I'm also fortunate in that I've travelled and still travel a lot. But truly, I’ve been gathering inspiration for a long time. I grew up in a house where the carpets were red and the wallpaper red with gold and grey. As a kid, I was constantly wanting to go inside people’s homes to see their green rugs and striped sofas. I also loved gardens and was obsessed with flowers like grape hyacinth, hydrangea (I called them snowballs), and even dandelions. I find that a lot of what I love and do in decorating and design comes from my love of things that I remember as a child.

Samantha Pynn x Simons All Stripes place mat

I love the patterns you used! How did you narrow it down to what's in the collection?

There were so many patterns and colours, it was hard, but the Simons team is amazing and so in narrowing it down, we really tried to put ourselves into the customer's shoes, making sure that there was a variety of colour and pattern to choose from, but not so many that it was overwhelming to people who were shopping. I really wanted the collection to appeal to many different people from those who are just setting up their new home, to people who want to add something to their existing space to designers who are looking for that perfect pink pillow.

What are your favourite pieces?

Oh my goodness, I have so many favourites! It's like choosing my favourite child. That said, I love the Dottie throw in grey and the Lattice duvet in blush and the Susuki Grass tablecloth, but that's this week. :)

Samantha Pynn x Simons Susuki Grass print table linens

What are your favourite tips on how to quickly refresh home decor for the season?

Paint. Give away things you don't need. And then add something you love that will make you happy.

One of the reasons that I've loved working on the collection is that so often we feel like we need to renovate or completely redecorate to love our homes. I wanted people to feel like they could use something from the collection to get that refresh. Sometimes all a bathroom needs it a new shower curtain. In the bedroom, it could be a new duvet. In the living room, a couple great pillows or a new throw. Entryways sometimes just need a great runner. 

And, in the kitchen, sometimes it's just a spring-cleaning and some fresh tea towels.

If someone on a budget were to shop your collection, which top 3 pieces should they choose for maximum impact?

Love this question. I'm all about #minimumeffortmaximumstyle. Cushions on a sofa can completely make a room feel fresh. Next, a duvet in the bedroom. And fresh towels in the bathroom.

Samantha Pynn x Simons Garden Gate duvet cover set in shades of blue

Are there future collaborations with Simons in the works, and if so, what can we expect?

There is a new collection for Fall 2016! And we have some other things in the works too—it's so exciting, but I can't say anything just yet. :)

Finally, what's one decor, DIY, or home improvement project you're really, really excited to tackle this spring?

I'm really excited about painting my upper kitchen cabinets. I'm thinking of a smokey blue!

Samantha Pynn x Simons decorative pillows and cushions in assorted prints, part of the spring/summer 2016 collection
Accent pillows ($50-$75)

Major thanks to Samantha for answering all of my spring decor questions! Vancouverites, check out the Samantha Pynn for Simons home collection at the Simons store in Park Royal.


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