In-Depth Review: Miracle 10 Skincare

Miracle 10 Skin Type No. 2 Acne-Prone/Oily starter kit

It's always fun testing skincare lines with claims as lofty as those of Miracle 10, whose multi-step skincare systems tackle concerns for three major skin types (normal/maturing, acne-prone/oily, delicate/dry). Each of Miracle 10's products is a cosmeceutical cocktail that purportedly delivers visible results in 10 hours, 10 days, and 10 weeks. I had to put these claims to the test and see for myself.

My Miracle 10 experience began with an expert consultation to determine my skin type. At the preview, my litany of concerns—congested pores, T-zone shininess, some time-of-the-month breakouts, leftover scars and pigmentation from previous breakouts, uneven tone—earned me a diagnosis as "acne-prone/oily." I went home with the Skin Type No. 2 Acne-Prone/Oily starter kit ($310) and a prescription-like sheet with precise usage instructions. After wrapping up a few other product reviews, I eagerly started testing Miracle 10 and taking notes, checking in at 10 hours, 10 days, and 4 weeks.

Miracle 10 Cleanser II and Solution I

10 hours

  • I woke up with noticeably calmer skin. Ruddiness seemed reduced and there were no superficial signs of dehydration (fine lines, dry patches). Skin felt firmer and plumper.
  • As the first 10 hours are all about first impressions, I guess this would be a good time to record what I think of the packaging, which I wasn't too impressed with. The first time I used the products, I had to pump 10+ times before product came out. There’s no straw that goes down into the product to siphon it upwards. The design looks sleek and minimalist in the see-through bottles but it’s not the most practical.
  • Either the Light Serum had settled in the bottle or it wasn't filled sufficiently to begin with, but there was a huge air pocket in mine. The pump didn't work at all, and finally I resorted to storing the serum upside-down.
  • All the bottles look the same so you have to read the labels carefully to know which one to use. I accidentally used the AHA Gel in the morning even though, according to my prescription/instructions, I’m supposed to use it twice a week a night.
  • In terms of textures and scent, Cleanser II is low-foaming and gentle. Solution I is like a liquid toner; it doesn’t dispense well from the pump and absorbs into a cotton pad instantly, which seems like a waste of product...I ended up dispensing several pumps straight into my bare hands and pressing and patting it into skin instead. AHA Gel I stings a little but doesn’t hurt or feel unpleasant.
  • The Light Serum and Veil are the most scented products, but they have a clean, spa-like, Dermalogica-y smell. They’re very thin and lightweight and I was skeptical they’d provide enough moisture, but skin doesn’t seem to be dehydrated. Time will tell if I need to add a face oil back into the mix.
  • Everything is very lightweight and quick-absorbing.
  • Still using my own eye creams, sunscreen, and dermatologist-prescribed medication. Also, continuing to double-cleanse by removing makeup with a pad or cleansing oil before washing my face.

Miracle 10 AHA Gel I, Light Serum, and Veil

10 days

  • Skin tone and texture are noticeably brighter, more even. Still have hyperpigmentation from old breakouts; however, there are no new breakouts.
  • I was skeptical the serum and veil would be hydrating enough, but my skin seems happy.
  • I've been lazy with extra exfoliation using separate scrubs, but the Miracle 10 line seems more than enough for keeping pores uncongested and skin glowing.
  • My skin was fairly good to begin with, but Miracle 10 introduced a happy new development: My complexion is now even enough that most days, I can go without foundation! Just a bit of concealer and Diorskin Nude Air Glow powder and I'm good to go.
  • The proportion of products seems a little off. At this rate I’ll run out of Light Serum before the others.

Miracle 10 Skin Type No. 2 Acne-Prone/Oily starter kit

4 weeks

  • As much as I would've liked continuing this skincare experiment for a full 10 weeks, my Starter Kit only contained enough product for 4-5 weeks. Just as I suspected, my Light Serum supply is dwindling much faster than the other products. The vial with the most leftover product (because I only use it twice a week) is the AHA Gel.
  • My skin continues to glow, and what's more, the pores around my nose and chin seem less congested and some of the hyperpigmentation left over from old breakouts has faded slightly—probably thanks to the powerful ingredients in the formulas encouraging skin cell turnover.
  • Although I griped a lot about the packaging and how hard it was to tell products apart, eventually I got the hang of it. I even took a special OCD pleasure in lining up all the bottles I'd need for my morning/nighttime routine on the bathroom counter, then placing each one back in the medicine cabinet as I used it.
  • The textures and formulations and active ingredients complement each other so well in the Miracle 10 Skincare line, it's hard to tell where the effects of one product end and the benefits from another begin. Although with most skincare lines I usually cherry-pick a "hero" product that's my favourite and plays nicely with others, I really can't in this case. The glycolic acid in Cleanser II, Solution I, and AHA Gel I exfoliates. Solution I, AHA Gel I, and Veil all contain salicylic acid to control breakouts. The Light Serum nourishes with vitamins, peptides, and hyaluronic acid without any heaviness to clog pores and undo the exfoliating benefits of the other products. It really is a system, and to use the products individually would be to deprive yourself of the full range of benefits.

Final take

The packaging is a bit fussy and poses some usability problems if you're just starting to use Miracle 10, but the potent active ingredients and noticeable results are worth it.

Special thanks to Miracle 10 and The Ten Spot for letting me try these products for editorial consideration. Miracle 10 skincare products are sold at The Ten Spot beauty bars across Canada; in Vancouver, The Ten Spot is located at 1006 Mainland St. in Yaletown.

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