Lazy Girl Approved: Revlon Treat & Boost Nail Treatment

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Revlon Treat & Boost Nail Treatment

I have a tendency to pick at manicures as soon as they start to chip or peel—not too bad when it comes to regular nail polish, but devastating where a Shellac gel manicure is concerned. That's why for the past few weeks I've been laying low on the #manimonday Instagram posts and using Revlon Treat & Boost ($6.99 on sale for $3.99 at London Drugs) instead as I grow out the self-inflicted damage. Then I kind of got hooked on the Revlon nail treatment out of sheer laziness and began neglecting nail polish altogether; you'll see why it's easy to do so after the jump!

What it is: A nourishing nail treatment that makes damaged, peeling nails feel harder and more resilient.

Packaging-wise: This is your standard flare-shaped Revlon nail polish bottle and brush. I like Revlon's brushes actually: The handle is easy to grip, while the brush flares enough to provide even application and control and doesn't pick up too much product at any given time.

Formula-wise: Revlon Treat & Boost goes on in thin, quick-drying coats and is similar to a clear, shiny nail polish with a pinkish tint. It seals peeling and disguises damage, resulting in the look of healthy-looking nails. The formula is supposed to contain vitamins and antioxidants, but I can't find a list of them online.

Lazy girls will like it because: Thanks to Instagram and social media (hello, engagement ring selfies), it seems as if we're always supposed to look as though we've just stepped out of our favourite nail salon—which, let's face it, isn't feasible time-wise or money-wise, and over time can do serious damage to nails. Revlon Treat & Boost let's you fake healthy nails while giving them TLC and a chance to rest and regrow. The clear-and-shiny rose-tinted finish looks more refined than bare nails, and because it's colour-free it's basically goof-proof to apply. What's more, painting on two quick-drying coats of Revlon Treat & Boost is much quicker than doing a base coat, multiple colour coats, and a top coat. No wonder this Lazy Girl was hooked for weeks!

Revlon Treat & Boost Nail Treatment

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  1. Ooo I'm intrigued! I'm always looking for a great nail treatment, but haven't found one yet. I'd love to try one that is 5-free or at least 3-free of the baddies -- so I really appreciate you trying to find the ingredients online. I wish companies had to be more transparent about what they put in their products. I'm sure that must my patent rights tricky, but it seems a really good idea from the consumers point of view! I still might give this a go though!

    1. Revlon's nail polishes were reformulated to be 5-free a while ago actually! And Revlon Treat & Boost scores pretty well on the EWG cosmetics database (low/moderate toxicity at 4/10):

    2. Oh, I guess I should clarify too: I was looking for a list of the exact vitamins and antioxidants this nail treatment is supposed to have.


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