Things I Bought That I Love: Uniqlo HEATTECH Camisole

Uniqlo HEATTECH nude camisole

Minimalism is a hard edict to follow when you're in a seasonal whirl of stressful deadlines, now-or-never sales, and dismal weather. It's bleak and dark outside. You know what isn't dark or bleak? The inside of a mall, where things are warm and glowy and sparkly and (if you're in an Anthropologie store with a scented candle burning) it smells divine. And you know what's a welcome distraction from work? Online shopping. That's probably how I found myself buying a cashmere sweater with bows down the back for Black Friday, which I'm now returning because: 1) the bows are so big and stick out so far in the back, when I tried it on I felt like a girly stegosaurus who wouldn't ever be able to lean back in a chair comfortably; and 2) when I thought long and hard about the contents of my closet, I decided my purchase was probably driven by emotion more than need. Instead, I could rely on the Uniqlo HEATTECH Camisole to get more mileage and warmth out of what I have already.

I bought my first two HEATTECH camis when I visited London in 2008, then two more in New York in 2010, and another two in San Francisco a couple years ago. For less than $20 a pop, they really are the bee's knees because:

  • They wash and wear very well. The 8-year-old camis are virtually indistinguishable from the newer ones.
  • They up the warmth factor of a light sweater or a flannel plaid shirt noticeably.
  • The fabric is thin, stretchy, breathable, and comfortable.
  • The nude cami is the ultimate in layering versatility (although this cami does come in other colours).
  • I can extend the wear I get out of a sweater between washes or drycleanings by layering a cami underneath.

The next time I'm tempted by the siren's call of a brand new chunky-knit turtleneck, I'm going to resist and reach for a HEATTECH cami to go under my cashmere pull-overs.

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  1. Yes! Unfortunately a lot of Uniqlo stuff doesn't fit me well (too short, too tight in the hips) but David is obsessed with their heat tech undershirts in the winter and they have held up incredibly well.

    (Also, I totally burst out laughing at the image of a girly stegosaurus).

    1. I can see that! Uniqlo stuff does seem like it's sized better for the petite gals. I can't wear their jeans because they're made for someone with thinner legs than mine haha.

  2. now if they only had an online shopping presence in canada. i've tried shopping from the US site but they don't take canadian credit cards

    1. Yeah, that is a bummer. Fingers crossed they might offer Canadian online shopping soon, now that they have a store in Toronto and one slated to open in Vancouver.


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