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The other day, I got an email from Bar Method congratulating me on my 249th class and notifying me that the next class would be my 250th. This was definitely an exciting milestone, but it also led me to do some quick mental math and arrive at a couple of shocking numbers. In the past 3 years, I've spent 250 hours tucking, squeezing, and sweating—and approximately $6,000 in membership fees. That's a lot of time and energy, and as for the money, twenty-something me would've been appalled that thirty-something me has spent the equivalent of a Chanel bag or a trip to Europe on boutique fitness classes. So has it been worth it? Yes, as it turns out, because this small fortune has been an investment in much more than just workouts.

It has paid for a level of fitness, flexibility, and strength I wouldn't have achieved on my own.

It has given me the ability to do push-ups on my toes, something high-school me and university me would've never envisioned being able to do.

It has fostered the body confidence to wear sleeveless tops and bathing suits in the middle of winter, to indulge in a meal out or a late-night snack of potato chips without worrying about calories.

It has led to improvements in my overall mood and physique (more toned shoulders, firmer thighs, a flatter stomach) that even my husband has noticed.

It's my happy place 2-4 times a week where I can escape the stresses of the day.

It has prompted other healthy lifestyle changes: getting more sleep, eating more fruits and veggies, drinking more water.

It has reprogrammed my stress lizard brain—especially in the office, where I am much calmer and less easily overwhelmed by crises.

It sped up my post-surgery recovery.

Weird as this sounds, it has allayed any fears that I'll be a frail old lady unable to get off the toilet by herself (leg and seat work = strong quads and glutes).

It has gained me entry into a community of kind people and amazing instructors who have supported my fitness goals and supported me during my lowest personal and health-related points.

And for all the money I've spent on Bar classes, it's proven to be a much better value than a gym membership I'd never use or a personal trainer who'd charge exorbitant rates for each session.

So long story short, I don't regret the investment I've made in Bar Method. In fact, my only regret is that I still struggle to make my original goal of going to classes at least 10 times a month. Most months I average 7 or 8 classes.

To that end, in an effort to step up my attendance, improve my fitness, and snap out of my January funk, I signed up for the Bar Method Fitness Challenge: a commitment to a minimum of 36 classes in the next 90 days, with parties, special classes, and workshops in form, foam-rolling, laughing yoga, nutrition, and meditation in between. I'm so excited to be doing this with fellow Fitness Challengers at the studio and embarking on a journey that will hopefully result in lasting improvements for my health and well-being. I'll keep you updated on how it goes either here or on Instagram!

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