Things I Bought That I Love: MINISO USB Humidifier

MINISI USB humidifier in pink

After buying the MINISO USB Humidifier ($12.99, various MINISO locations around Vancouver) and sharing it on my IG Stories, I got so many inquiries that I thought this little machine merited its own blog post.

This is not your average blue-and-white plastic humidifier with a bulky design and a high price tag. MINISO's version is millennial pink and the size of a grande Starbucks coffee cup. For such a humble device, it produces a surprising amount of cool mist from a single cup of water, lasting up to 8 hours on a single refill. After 8 hours or when it runs out of water—whichever happens first—the humidifier goes into standby mode. It plugs into a USB port, so you can even use it in your car (just put it in a cup-holder).

I bought one for my work desk and loved it so much that I bought a second one for the condo, moving it between the den, living room, and bedroom and running it non-stop. In the last couple of days it has improved the dry indoor air noticeably, and helped me fall asleep and stay asleep, all while taking up very little space and looking adorable. Plus at $12.99, how can you go wrong? Definitely one of my favourite Japanese discount store finds.


  1. I saw this at the store and was like hmmmm, for $12.99 could this work? I have two at work and our receptionist wanted one as well, but I didn't feel like spending $70 on one at Saje. Maybe I will go back and have a look at this!

    1. This one is just for water if that's what your receptionist is after. I did spy a black humidifier/aromatherapy diffuser for $24.99 though!

  2. is this portable, cordless? Or for it to work u must plug it in?


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