3 Natural & Mineral Sunscreens To Try This Summer

Natural and mineral sunscreens from NeoStrata, Saeve and Consonant

You scream, I scream, we all scream for sunscreen! Daily SPF is as much of a summertime essential as iced coffee or and my favourite pair of cat-eye shades. I never leave the condo without it; here are the three formulas I'm rotating between right now.

NeoStrata Defend Sheer Physical Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Tinted Liquid ($33 at London Drugs)

Let's start with the Holy Grail sunscreen of the bunch, shall we? NeoStrata's is a weightless mattifying fluid with a semi-sheer beige tint. It blends into and evens out sun-kissed skin, instead of sitting on your face like a "slightly too light for your skin tone" mask. It's not greasy, heavy or sticky and feels comfortable for all-day wear in hot weather, even under makeup. The last time I was this impressed with an SPF 50 sunscreen fluid, it was a Dior formula that cost $80+. At $33, the price tag of NeoStrata's is much easier to swallow. The formula's antioxidants and polyhydroxy acid (which gently exfoliates and improves skin's tone and texture while enhancing its moisture barrier) are just icing on the cake. I received this as a PR sample, but I can definitely see myself repurchasing it when I run out. Just remember to shake it very hard before applying.

Saeve Multi-Defense Detoxifying Cream SPF 30

Sometimes a girl just wants the easy, breezy, carefree quality of an untinted SPF moisturizer. I'm still enjoying the Saeve sunscreen I picked up in Paris (and previously featured here), which boasts built-in antioxidant protection in addition to sun protection and a quick-absorbing, non-greasy texture. I wear this one on days when I'm mostly indoors and just popping outside for short walks. The lack of tint means I can lounge on the couch watching Netflix without staining the throw pillows.

Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen ($45, available at Varnish Nail Lounge)

My go-to facialist Kathryn of Collective Skincare would always finish a treatment by applying this natural, mineral-based sunscreen on me. And I loved it every time, which is why I bought it as soon as the weather began warming up. This sunscreen boasts SPF 30 protection courtesy of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, a non-greasy texture, and a slight beige tint. So does it live up to its name of being the perfect sunscreen? Close, but not quite. The formula loses points for texture; it dispenses as a thick cream and dries down to a sticky finish that can feel unpleasant in hot weather. Its opaque beige tint also reads little too light. The colour is fine in April or May, but now that we're in July my face and neck look noticeably paler than the rest of my body whenever I wear it. I think I'm going to save this one for fall/winter.


  1. I have that Neostrata one too but I haven't opened it yet! I'm generally not a fan of tinted sunscreens though. Do you find the tint to be comparable to foundation, or does it kind of just blend away into nothing?

    1. It's a golden beige and semi-sheer. The effect is very "like you're wearing no makeup at all but your skin just looks a little better," which I actually prefer to more opaque foundation-like coverage because it'll still look natural if I tan a little.


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