Things I Bought That I Love: Porter Mug

W+P Blush Porter Ceramic Travel Mug

We're lucky enough to live within walking distance of the best cappuccinos in Vancouver—so good, in fact, they rival the ones we had in Italy. The espresso is so well balanced it doesn't need any sugar, the milk rich and frothy and not too hot. I love getting coffees to go from this place on the weekends, but I don't love the disposable cups that will spend decades in the landfill just so we can enjoy a 30-minute caffeine fix. This is where the ceramic Porter travel mug by W&P Design ($34.50) comes in.

There's something that feels indescribably right and luxe about this travel mug. It's just large enough for a cappuccino or a small latte. The ceramic body has a nice heft and the silicone sleeve feels great in the hand. Unlike cold-to-the-touch plastic or metal, the comforting warmth of your beverage radiates from the cup's body. Just think how good that will feel on a crisp autumn day! And of course, there's that sleek minimalist design and distinctive blush pink hue. Every time I show up at the cafe with this mug, it earns a chorus of compliments from the baristas.

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