3 Muscle Pain Roll-Ons To Try Post-Workout

Muscle pain relieving roll-on products from Yuni, Saje, and Stond

January is almost over—how are you doing with your fitness goals? I have to admit, between my New Year's cold and a week of unexpected snow, my intention to exercise fell by the wayside. But all that is about to change when February 1st hits and the Bar Method Fitness Challenge kicks off! 40+ classes in 90 days can take its toll physically, which is why I'll be relying on the three pain relief remedies in today's post. Together with my trusty foam roller and some stretches in the evenings, they'll get me through the worst of the muscle soreness.

Yuni Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel

Yuni Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel ($17 for 59 ml)

The scoop: Yuni's tagline is "Mindful beauty for an active life," and true to its mandate they make products designed to streamline post-workout primping and promote overall wellness. Expect innovative products like a no-rinse body cleanser and giant biodegradable disposable body wipes (incidentally, they were one of the first on the market with those). Yuni has been on my radar for a while just because I liked their athleisure-y take on beauty and their branding. Last fall while on a cross-border shopping trip to Target, I picked up the Chillax gel to try out.

The formula: The formula is natural and free of a hefty list of controversial ingredients. Hero ingredients include green tea and arnica, which are supposed to be anti-inflammatory, and peppermint oil, which delivers soothing and cooling tingles.

Performance-wise: Chillax gel rolls on and applies easily in a smooth, thin, cooling layer with no strong scent. In terms of texture, it feels a lot like a hybrid between gel and a white body lotion. I liked it and it did the job, but it's not very potent. Compared to the other two roll-ons in this post, I had to use more product to get the same effect.

Stond Naturals Pain Relief Roll-on

Stond Naturals Pain Relief Roll-On ($29 for 88 ml)

The scoop: Stond Naturals is a new line of hemp-based, all-natural body care featuring active topicals. Think spa-like formulations and unique packaging with bamboo accents. I had the pleasure of learning more about Stond last December at a media preview, and walked away with a tube of of the Pain Relief Roll-On to try.

The formula: The hero ingredient in Stond's pain relief roll-on is cannabis sativa seed oil (i.e. hemp oil), which is supposed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties without any psycoactive effects. There are other essential oils and herbs rounding out the ingredients list as well: peppermint, pepper, eucalyptus, rosemary, grapefruit, and sweet orange are just a few.

Performance-wise: Stond delivers instant cooling relief. The gel glides on easily in a thin clear layer, absorbs quickly, and doesn't have any lingering unpleasant odor. I don't know if the hemp gave Stond an edge over any of the other roll-ons, but this stuff works.

Saje Extra Strength Pain Relieving Roll-on

Saje Extra Strength Pain Relieving Remedy ($60 for 45 ml)

The scoop: As a longtime fan of Saje Pain Release, I was extra intrigued by Extra Strength. More intense pain relief in a jumbo roll-on format? Yes, please! I couldn't resist picking this up during my latest trip to the Saje store.

The formula: Contrary to what you might think, Extra Strength is not a more concentrated version of Pain Release in bigger packaging. The list of hero ingredients is completely different. Peppermint cools, soothes, and relieves; sweet birch packs methyl salicylate to alleviate soreness; and clove numbs pain and inflammation.

Performance-wise: Of the three roll-ons in this post, Extra Strength contains the smallest amount of product and features the biggest price tag. It also happens to be the most potent. The essential oil blend feels more concentrated than the other formulas and delivers an immediate whoosh of sensation somewhere between energizing tingles and a pleasant numbness. Unlike the other two formulas which cool upon first contact, this one warms up skin. The formula doesn't dispense as easily from the roll-on applicator and requires a harder "press and roll" motion, and the oil is much more strongly scented than Stond or Yuni.

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