Drugstore Delight: Ulta Ultra Slim Brow Pencil

Ulta Ultra Slim Brow Pencil

Dior Brow Styler was one of my favourite beauty products of 2019, beloved for its superfine tip, ease of use, staying power, and natural effect. You know what I didn't love though? The price tag. As much as j'adore Dior, at the end of the day this was just a retractable, micro-tip brow pencil in dark brown, with a spoolie brush. Surely there was a more affordable dupe out there. And once I started looking, it didn't take me long to find one: the Ulta Ultra Slim Brow Pencil ($10).

9 shades are available to match every hair tint. The one I use, 'Dark Brown', is just right if you have black hair—not too dark, not too light, not too reddish or warm. I usually use this pencil to define my brows and fill in sparse spots, then go over them with a "fixing" product like a brow gel, mascara, or waxy pencil to lock stray hairs in place. It lasts all day and even through barre class.

I'm not the first person to discover the Drugstore Delight that is the Ulta Ultra Slim Brow Pencil; it already has over 1,000 5-star reviews on the Ulta site from beauty lovers who swear by it as a decent dupe for a similar brow pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills. It's also about a quarter of the price of the Dior pencil and is often on sale, so you can afford to keep one everywhere—at home, in your purse, in your gym kit.

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