Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Online Sale

So for the handful of you who actually do read my blog (thank you!), you'll know that I previously spent many happy hours browsing the Victoria's Secret website. A friend tipped me off about their semi-annual sale online today, and I've been browsing the website since I got home from work. While their clearance lingerie didn't impress me much in terms of selection, I did find myself coveting a lot of clothes, shoes, and even a bag on sale. Here are some of the cute things I'll be dreaming about over the next couple of days as I repeatedly try to convince myself of the benefits of financial responsibility.

Luiciny bow sandal, $69 (I could never walk in a heel this high, but I can dream, can't I?)

Betsey Johnson floral sandal, $136 (Ditto.)

Chiffon scarf top, $19.99 (Okay, I am going to get this, but only because it's a really cute top at an awesome price, and my friend is getting something from VS so we can split the cost of shipping. So there.)

Crochet racerback bra top, $25 (I love how pretty the detailing is, and the built-in bra means no fussing with strapless bras, or worse, wearing a normal one, which totally detracts from how nice the back looks.)

Cross-back tank, $49 (I wouldn't pay this much for a top personally, but it looks really nice from the front and back, and like it wouldn't look at all out of place in Miami.)

Luce leather hobo, $125

Madden Girl peep-toe flat, $33.99

Ruched halter dress, $75

Satin trenchcoat, $128 (It's a bit shiny for everyday wear, but with a cocktail dress it would look spectacular.)

Kitson striped sneaker, $47.99 (My weakness for Kitson reveals itself once again! Though not as fun as the mismatched slip-ons, they're still really cute.)

Wave bangles, $24 (I like the shape of these and the eclectic juxtaposition of different metals. They'd look great with a well-cut black top and jeans.)

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