Retraction: Skinny Jeans

A while back, I wrote a scathing blog entry where I ranted about the foolish women who wore skinny jeans. Well, I suppose I have to count myself among them now. For the last few months, I've been searching for a pair of jeans that won't stretch out and sag in the butt after multiple washes and wears, and can be worn with a fancy top and heels when I go out to a club. I wanted a pair with a dressed-up and sexy vibe.

I finally found what I wanted in a going-out pair of jeans, and lo and behold, they were skinny jeans! However, they weren't the super-clingy, tapered-leg skinny jeans that result in the dreaded "linked sausages for legs" effect. They actually look more like classic dark wash straight-leg jeans when I put them on. (Of course, the fact that I have fairly good legs from salsa might help with not making the jeans look overly tight.)

So, I guess the lesson I took so long to learn is that skinny jeans can be okay, provided you have fairly thin legs to begin with, the jeans themselves are more straight through the leg than tapered, and the denim is a fairly dark wash.

Jeans, Banana Republic, $120


  1. lol i like how you're standing on that stool

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