How to Repel Girls

If you as a guy cannot stand the female species and want cute girls to stay away from you when you go out, just do all of the stuff listed below. (Note: A guy I've bumped into while salsa dancing on two separate occasions has actually done all of the following on those two occasions. That's pretty impressive as far as girl-repelling goes.)
  • Within 15 seconds of introducing yourself, give the girl your entire life story about moving to a new town, your fancy new job, blah blah blah...
  • Within a minute of introducing yourself, brag about your material possessions ("Yeah, I just moved into a new condo") in a tone of voice that conveys a deep insecurity about yourself and an overwhelming desire to compensate for it.
  • Stick your foot in your mouth and say "You look tired" to the girl instead of complimenting her appearance.
  • Dance awkwardly while thinking you're hot stuff.
  • When you fail to lead the move you just tried to do, look at the girl, laugh, and say in a patronizing voice, "I guess you haven't learned that yet eh?"
  • Ignore the withering looks the girl keeps shooting at you and hang out at her side until she decides to leave.

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