Sterling End-of-Season Shoe Sale

End-of-season sales are wonderful things, especially when they're for spring and summer merchandise. You see, end-of-summer sales occur outrageously early around the end of July and throughout August so that stores can make room for fall arrivals. That means you can usually find good deals on sandals, tees and tanks, shorts, skirts, and dresses--things you can actually wear for another two months or so until the weather cools down for good.

These sales are the reason why I scored two pairs of great shoes for less than I would've paid for one pair at Sterling's "Buy one pair, get another pair 50% off" sale. The deal applied to all sale items, so these shoes had been marked down already. I had been eyeing the Steve Madden flats and dreaming of how chic they'd look paired with a nice black top and a pair of jeans or a skirt for quite some time. Zappos Canada has these shoes for $73.95 US at the moment, but they were $49.95 at Sterling. The best deal, however, was the pair of Kitson sneakers I found marked down from $100 to $50; with another 50% off they came to $25. Imagine, $25 for a pair of good-quality fun fashion sneakers from a hip LA brand, a pair of sneakers I would've happily paid full price for! I was ecstatic.

I was going to take pictures of the shoes and post them, but Zappos and Kitson did such a good job with multi-view shots that I just decided to link to them. Enjoy!

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