Summer Chic, Latin Girl Style

I have a soft spot for Latin American culture, so it's no surprise that I love the fun, girly, sexy vibe of Latin-girl style. In a season where we let ourselves go wardrobe-wise to be comfortable and to beat the heat, when shorts and T-shirts become the summer uniform du jour, Latin girl style challenges us to look stylish in warm weather and asserts that we can do it without breaking a sweat.

What defines Latin girl style exactly? When I say "Latin girl style," I mean the sexy yet sophisticated take on ultra-feminine hot-weather style. I think of Brazilian designer Carlos Miele and Rosa Cha swimwear. The halter tops, bright floral cotton sundresses, and dramatic jewelry in Vancouver's Rio Azul Latin Boutique on Granville and West Broadway come to mind. The designs at this year's Colombiamoda fashion show in Medellin, Colombia also epitomize what I think of as Latin girl style.

I still have a long way to go before I fully master the style my Mexican ex-boyfriend's sisters pull off so easily. In the meantime, however, I've figured out some of the essentials that can make any wardrobe caliente.

Bikinis. This is a staple of beaches near and far, and with good reason. As one of the aforementioned sisters pointed out, those trendy cut-out one-piece suits leave wicked tanlines. Plus when you're on a beach and it's close to 40 degrees, even a tankini can feel like too much clothing. Go for bright prints but avoid anything too neon.

Elaborate earrings. This is a great way of injecting Latin girl cool into your wardrobe without breaking the bank! Imagine how great they'll look with cotton tanks and jersey dresses. Look for earrings with plenty of detailing and organic materials like polished metals, semiprecious stones (polished or unpolished), shell, and wood, and avoid anything too plasticky or fake-looking.

Skirts and dresses. Shorts and capris have their moments, but the feminine charm of Latin girl style definitely calls for a skirt or sensational sundress. I personally love airy cottons and chiffons that move with you and flare out when you twirl. Avoid anything that looks too stiff or utilitarian like denim or cargo skirts. For sundresses, a halter neckline can heighten that "I just got off a plane from Sao Paolo" feeling.

Real sandals. Flip-flops, while fantastic for the beach, just don't cut it when you've got a gorgeous dress on and you're sipping mojitos at a night-time salsa party. Go for actual sandals with fun colours and details.

Immaculate whites. Whether it's a tank top, a pair of linen pants, or a sweet eyelet dress, whites should be sparkling and crisp.

Long flowing hair, glowing skin, and a sassy attitude. They instantly boost the Latin girl cool factor.

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  1. Awesome article with really helpful tips! Dresses are cooler in the heat too.


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