Are You a Blair, Serena, or Jenny?

With the end of Sex and the City and The OC, it's been ages since there's been a TV show where the fashion is as exciting as the tangled romantic plotlines...until Gossip Girl, that is. The show is pure fluff and based on a tween book series about the lives of teenagers growing up amongst the elite of Manhattan's Upper East Side. We're talking old money families, prep schools, Ivy League universities, and all-out glamour and sophistication, so of course the clothes are great.

The three main female characters--Blair, Serena, and Jenny--all have very distinctive styles, but my personal favourite has to be Blair Waldorf. She epitomizes the classic preppy East Coast aesthetic that I find appealing and always looks polished and put-together. I wish I could find a blog or website somewhere that breaks down where each piece of clothing and every accessory on the show comes from because I'd love to find out where to get some of her clothes. So far the only piece I've managed to pin down for certain is a tam Blair wore as part of her Central Park skating outfit in the Christmas-themed episode entitled "Roman Holiday."

Lothians tam, $68, Anthropologie

Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl

I swear, I'm not obsessed with the show to the point where I spend hours scouring the Internet tracking down the characters' clothes. It just so happened that I was browsing the Anthropologie website, watched this episode online right afterward, and thought to myself, hey, her hat looks vaguely familiar.

If you can't get enough of Gossip Girl fashion, here are some fun links to explore:

  • How to Be Like Blair Waldorf: This fun wikiHow article (kind of like Wikipedia but an open-source how-to manual) breaks down, well, how to be like Blair basically. You'll also find useful links to wikiHows on how to dress preppy, how to be like Serena Van Der Woodsen, etc.

  • Gossip Girl on Relive your favourite Gossip Girl fashion moments by watching full episodes for free online. (Note: This website is good for Canadians only; if you're American you need to access the CW website.)

  • Behind the scenes with Eric Daman: Eric Daman is the resident costume designer for the show, which means he has the enviable job of concocting the wonderful looks that the characters sport. In a series of online videos, Daman takes you behind the scenes and breaks down each character's look, from Serena's tousled bobo outfits to Blair's meticulous Park Avenue Princess ensembles. Victoria's Secret ads and product placements aside, the videos are a lot of fun to watch.

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