New Year, New You

I've always felt somewhat ambivalent about New Year's resolutions. On one hand, people make very vague promises to improve themselves or their lifestyles that often don't last until the end of the month and then make themselves feel guilty unnecessarily. On the other hand, I had some time to reflect on what a tumultuous year 2007 has been for me personally, and I think I could do with some changes to my life.

This year, I resolve to:
  • be more outgoing and social in introducing myself to coworkers and meeting new people; I think it's a little crazy that there are people I sit twelve feet away from at work whose names I don't know.
  • be more diligent about my exercise and eating habits. This isn't the typical "lose weight and stick to a diet" resolution because I'm pretty happy with myself overall, but I think I should ease up on the sodium intake and try to get some light exercise in everyday, even if it's just taking the long way home by walking to a farther bus stop and getting off earlier so I have to walk to my house as well.
  • save up more money (or at least, hold off on major purchases and lay low in January until I pay off my Visa bill).
  • meet interesting guys.

A new year is definitely an opportunity to reinvent yourself, and a big part of that can be wardrobe change. I'll be posting in January with the theme of self-reinvention and rejuvenation in mind, including my perusal of the best end-of-season sales (if you want to invest in a wardrobe makeover), a post on how to declutter and organize your living space (if you want to tackle the new year with a clean slate), and a post on the styles of Gossip Girl (because sometimes it's fun to take inspiration from a different style persona in the reinvention process).

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