Dress Like Blair Waldorf!

A while ago, I did a couple of blog posts about how much I admire the wardrobe of one of the characters on Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf. According to the show's costume designer Eric Daman, Blair's style can be broken down into these elements:

  • Classic and elegant

  • Audrey Hepburn-inspired

  • Lots of red, white, and navy--"Americana colours"

  • Nautical and preppy staples

  • Bows, pearls, diamonds, and headbands

It seems as though the East coast prep school princess look has caught the imagination of retailers this season as more and more pieces that look like something Blair might wear pop up in stores. Forever 21--that bastion of the uncanny knockoff--has a great selection of demure and preppy pieces in particular. Here are some of my favourites.

Monroe chiffon dress, $29.80. This dress would look smashing with a thick red headband, a simple pearl necklace, and pearl studs or small pearl drops.

Woven wrap dress, $24.80. Blair often sports very chic-looking little black dresses on the show. The ruffles, bow-tie sash, and knee length make this LBD demure, ladylike, and classic. Pair it with textured black tights, black pumps, and a chic updo.

Metallic silk tunic, $19.80. Nautical-inspired with the gold rope and navy shade, this top would look good with a black miniskirt and red tights, or a pair of slim-cut dark denim jeans.

Pleated satin dress, $24.80. Blair Waldorf's clothes are classic but young and fresh, contemporary but never overtly trendy. While Serena seems to like the trapeze neckline tunic-style dresses that are so popular this season, Blair seems to favour A-line dresses more.

Argyle sweater, $24.80. Argyle is a preppy staple. The bright yellow hue and navy diamond lines on this sweater mean it'd go with anything navy.

3/4 striped anchor sweater, $19.80. Classic black and white striped sweater, but the tunic length, 3/4 sleeves, and varying stripe width lend it some freshness. Extra prep points for the crest!


  1. Sweet picks! I'm alittle unsure about how the argyle sweater would go with our Asian skin tones - a bit of a yellow overload don't you think? I really enjoy the Monroe dress and the metallic tunic - so chic!

  2. Yeah, I guess it'd depend on the exact shade of yellow. I've seen really saturated shades of yellow look good against Asian skin tones though, especially if you have a bit of a tan!

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