It's Prom And Grad Season!

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I have fond memories of my prom and grad, and not just because they were major coming-of-age events in a high schooler's life (yadda yadda yadda...cue the cliches) or because of what I wore (a slim empire-waist lavender gown). No, my best memories of both events are of the fun I had and the two acts of bravery I committed. (I won't go into too much detail here, but if you're truly curious you can email me and I'll tell you the details offline. :P)

So when Macky of Style Dump tagged me to come up with my dream prom and grad, how could I say no to this trip down memory lane combined with flights of fancy? In the words of Macky, "Since it's prom and grad season this time of the year, let's relive (for us oldies!) our own grad in a Vogue manner. Let's pretend we're kids of the Upper East Side, able to afford anything we could possibly want (I tag anyone interested!). Post your dream grad dress, a dress you'll wear to your date's own grad, your hair and makeup, and your dream grad date. Go Go Go!"

Collage details: I tag anyone who wants to do this! It was so much fun, and like the first time around, I had THE most trouble deciding on my dress.

What was your grad like? What are your best and worst memories of prom and grad?


  1. I wore a red gown to prom, but I didn't like it that much because my mother picked it out. Ugh. If I could go back in time, I would of picked a better dress. As for graduation, I do not remember what I wore under my robe. However, in a year I should be graduating college and I do not know what I will be wearing.

  2. I skipped prom to see Madonna at Radio City Music Hall.

  3. Oh I love this post! I have some total wardrobe fiasco nightmares from prom, inlcuding bad poufy hair and a torn dress... But let's talk about the happy memories instead ~ at my law school graduation, my mom hooded me because she graduated from the same Law School!
    Adoring those blue dresses in the collage!!


  4. So fun, Lisa! I actually skipped out on my prom because I was artsy fartsy- the only thing I regret is not getting to pick a dress ;)

  5. Best memory of prom: having it down in Waikiki, it was magical. Worst: sitting at the same table as a boy I had turned down when he asked me to go with him...

  6. For prom, I had a pink strapless dress with a black lace overlay, knee-length. Super cute, but was too big for me come prom day and I had to tape it all the way around at the top so it didn't fall off. Not so cute.
    For my graduation, I wore a black and white striped clingy dress with WAY too low a neckline for a highschool graduation. Whoops!
    I love reading everyone's prom memories!

  7. Prom is next year for me, but all of my senior friends are anxious and excited about prom!

  8. How pretty would that combo be? I'm such a sucker for deep blue. My favorite color, not counting black :D I'm thinking back to my own prom... Sweetheart strapless black and silver number with crazy hair. Ah... youth.

  9. Luckily I was just as into fashion while I was in high school as I am now.
    While most of my peers had huge updos & bedazzled poufy princess dresses I had a cute short dusty pink Betsey Johnson number!:)


  10. Ah, prom. Such mixed feelings! Loved my dress, now cringe at my shoes, hair and makeup. I went super-cheap with my shoes resulting in some sad weird slipper-esque monstrosities from Payless. So not making that mistake again!
    I accept your tag and have polyvored it up on my blog so check out what I came up with!

  11. awesome picks, i love your choice of hair, and the blue gowns with the tory birch clutch! and omg, Diego Luna is soo dreamy! haha


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