An Afternoon At Kiss & Makeup

As an East Van girl who spends inordinate amounts of time downtown and in her own neighbourhood, I rarely have a chance to explore retail offerings beyond my usual haunts. So when I received an email inviting me to check out the Kiss & Makeup boutique in West Vancouver, my curiosity got the better of me. This was how I found myself braving downtown traffic congestion and the Lion's Gate Bridge to reach the Park Royal Village one sunny Saturday afternoon. After 45 minutes in a hot, stuffy bus, I was there.

Kiss & Makeup is a beauty product lover's dream, beckoning to customers from behind its unassuming blue-and-white facade. Inside, the space is bright and airy. Knowledgeable staff are on-hand to answer questions about the products and labels found within its walls. K&M specializes in makeup and skincare for sensitive skin and the allergy-prone, resulting in a collection of carefully chosen cosmetic and skincare products and some obscure skincare labels I'd never heard of.

Sjal is just one of the many hard-to-find skincare lines at K&M formulated for sensitive skin. This Swedish label prides itself on simple, effective formulas packed full of active ingredients. Another sensitive skin-friendly line, and by far the most popular at K&M, is Ren, which boasts all-natural ingredients.

Stila, Vincent Longo, and Becca are some of the makeup labels you'll find.

The accessories and apparel are just as carefully curated as the cosmestics and skincare products. Poking around, I spotted Eugenia Kim hats and headbands, Mike and Chris jackets, Dace clothing, Matthew Williamson sunglasses, and Fiona Paxton beaded necklaces. One corner of the store was devoted to maternity and children's products, including the pink-festooned Principessa skincare line.

The jewelry cabinet forms a central display in the store.

Eugenia Kim hats and Bumble and Bumble hair products--it's like a one-stop cure for bad hair days.

Principessa products appeal to girly souls with their pink packaging and delectable spun sugar scent.

I like how the kid's hair accessories combine a good dose of whimsy with preppy Gossip Girl style.

My appointment to peruse K&M included a session with resident makeup artist Savannah Olsen. Sensing my predilection for simple looks, Savannah used a lot of products from the Becca line to create a natural, polished look and a dewy complexion. While she did my makeup, she explained that Becca was an Australian line known for excellent SPF protection in many of its products and for giving its users flawless, sun-kissed skin.

Gorgeous makeup artist Savannah Olsen

Before the makeover...

...and after! Savannah used Becca stick foundation in Macadamia as a spot concealer to even out my complexion and set everything with Becca loose powder in Wheat. She swept Becca Jewel Dust in Nixie--a shimmery light blue--across my lids and Becca blush in Coquette across my cheeks. She also finished off my eyes by lining my top lashes with a charcoal shadow and applying Geisha Ink mascara. Finally, a little Vincent Longo gloss in Cherros finished off my summery look.

Thanks to the staff at Kiss and Makeup for making me feel so welcome! If you don't have the opportunity to check the store out in-person, log on to K&M's website to browse its selection. Also, stay tuned for tomorrow's post, in which I interview K&M's owner and founder Heather Huntingford.

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  1. Great review, Lisa! Makes me want to come visit you up there even more! And the makeover? Fabulous!

  2. The makeover is perfect! painting over a few minor flaws, but leaving the pretty things about your face perfectly visible. I am majorly jealous, since you west coasters seem to have all the cool shops. Honestly, between Montreal and Halifax, there is nothing, which means a poor east coast girl like me has to go all the way to Halifax for anything.

  3. Well, you look beautiful before and after. That's hardly fair to the rest of us!

  4. What a fun shop ... even a cosmetics know-nothing like me could find a trinket or two in there!

  5. Looks like a lovely place! Love that hat display!

  6. OMG you look amazing! You're literally glowing here! What a cute little boutique. Love this review.

  7. Cool! I've never been to Park Royal either .... I will have to go check it out for their sensitive skin care products ... thanks!!

  8. You look fantastic!

    Love that hat display too. Would be a beautiful way to store my own hats, in fact.

  9. ooo looks like a place i'd spend a dangerous amount of money at.

  10. Gorgeous makeover, darling! Love your look and this whole post!


  11. I love it...I'm definitely going to check the website out! You look great before and after...jealous! :)

  12. what a cool place! you look lovely before, but you are even more of a stunner in yoru after!

  13. super gorgeous...look like you had a lot of fun...

  14. she's good - your make-up looks so natural!

  15. Hello dear,

    What a cool place, I would buy everything if I could lol.



  16. It looks so pretty there!

    The makeup looks fab!

  17. I'm an East Van girl as well, but those adorable headbands are enough to get me out to Park Royal!!!
    Great makeover Lisa!

  18. Love the store! Great layout and atmosphere. Hope they open a store downtown soon. I don't get back to my home town much these days...

  19. Great stuff Lisa thanks for the info, I like hair clips with a little sparkle myself.


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