Spotted At Spend On Trend

I don't usually post on weekends but I wanted to remind Vancouver readers that Spend on Trend is happening right now! This is your chance to shop Canadian-made and designed goodies from all sorts of designers both emerging and established. I had a chance to pop by on Friday night.

Jenny Yen and Tabitha Savoie were present with summer and fall pieces from CiCi, Togs, and Two of Hearts. The designing duo's Main Street boutique has been open for 6 months already. Look for their online store coming this fall.

Jill MacLeod is the designer behind Crass and Sugar, a jewelry line full of quirky pieces made from unconventional materials and techniques--crocheted sterling silver and copper mesh, felt, bamboo, and upcycled kangaroo leather. Yes, you read that correctly--kangaroo leather! Jill, who's lived in Australia for several years, explains that Australian authorities cull the kangaroo population annually to prevent it from destroying the countryside vegetation. The leather from the culling is used to make shoes, belts, and other leather goods in Australia and would go to waste otherwise. Jill fashions edgy cuffs and elaborate honeycomb necklaces and earrings from this material.

Crass and Sugar pieces

Fresh-faced sisters Fumi and Himi Bull named their accessories line Davie and Chiyo after their father and mother. Plenty of lovely frame clutches were on display, but they also point out that they can make custom orders for special occasions and weddings.

Toodlebunny designer Trudy Wynans named her line after a nickname her boyfriend coined for her one Easter several years ago. Now Toodlebunny is synonymous with luxe-looking, vintage-inspired jewelry for stylish Vancouver girls in-the-know.

Toodlebunny necklaces blend eclectic elements such as leather, tassels, a skull, and a sword together into unique designs.

Fiona Louie (far right) designs sterling silver jewelry under the label Filou (formed from the first syllables of her first and last name).

I underestimated my willpower at this event and ended up buying the silver acorn on a 26" chain hanging under the leaf lariat necklace.

Didn't get a chance to stop by Friday or Saturday? Spend on Trend is still open on Sunday August 23rd 11pm-6pm at the Scotiabank Dance Centre (Davie and Granville).

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  1. I went last year but wasn't too impressed... looks like there are better items this time around...

  2. Hey beautiful!

    You've got some great posts here! Thanks for your comment. I'll be coming back to check out your blog more!

    p.s Too bad I'm in NZ, or I could have a look at where you go shopping. New Zealand is at the bottom of the world, it feels so far away.

  3. Sounds fab! Too bad I don't live near there :(


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