Luxe Or Less: Beige Tutu-Style Dresses

Years after Sex and the City left the small screen, the blush pink tutu that Sarah Jessica Parker sports in the opening credits is no less memorable for the show's devoted fans. I've always been ambivalent about the tutu myself, but I was reminded of it when I spotted the 'Notte' dress by Marchesa recently. Underneath the A-line chiffon skirt and beaded bodice lurks the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw, yearning to get out.

At $795 on, perhaps the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw will remain buried a little while longer. For those who want the look but don't relish the price tag, there is an alternative--the 'Strata' dress from Admittedly it's still a splurge at $199.99, but just look at all that pleating and the exquisite ruffles in the skirt! It's just as likely to induce ballerina fantasies as its Marchesa cousin.


  1. The first is so darling; I love the color!

    La C.

  2. LOVE it, Lisa. I've been daydreaming about buying a longish tutu-inspired tulle skirt ... but then I remembered I'd also have to somehow buy a sufficiently glamorous life to go with it! Am I gonna wear it to work? Yeah, prolly not.

  3. that blush pink colour looks great on asian skin tones

  4. Oh! Lisa! There's a light rose one in H&M right now -- If I can find a photo of it, I'll send it to you but I think it was only $59.90. I meant to buy it before I left.

    xo t

  5. WOW: Very very, say, Marie Antoinette? Or, Queen Victoria Corset period - inspired? I love it. Unique.

  6. I love dresses. These are gorgeous!

  7. Oh my, I've always loved tutu dresses and skirts:) it just adds that special female flare:)
    Love both of the ones that you posted:)
    HOw is SF?


  8. I looove the first tutu dress! One of my favorite scenes in the SATC movie was when Carrie did her mini fashion show in her closet and wore the tutu from the show's opening credits. AMAZING. I don't think I could ever pull off the look, but it's a gorgeous and adorable look.

  9. Those are both incredibly lovely.
    Marchesa dresses are just amazing, I really love that one.
    Just look at the work in the second one though! All those frills- so pretty.

    Florrie x


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