Crème de la Crème & Cupcakes Present The "Wedding Cake of Your Dreams" Contest

Wedding showcase Crème de la Crème (November 15th, 2009, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver) and Cupcakes by Heather and Lori have teamed up to give one lucky winning bride the cake of her dreams! Is your cake going to be a towering four-tier affair with fondant icing snowflakes suitable for a winter wonderland wedding? Decorated with palm trees and hammocks in honour of your Hawaii nuptials? Feature Homer and Marge cake toppers because you're both huge Simpsons fans? Whatever your dream cake is, sketch it out and send it in.

The Rules:
  1. Email a picture and description of your sketch to along with the following info: your name and contact information (email & phone number); wedding date and theme; and your inspiration. The contest closes November 2nd, 2009.
  2. Post a picture of your sketch on Crème de la Crème's Facebook event page and get people to vote for you!
  3. The contest closes November 2nd, 2009. The top 5 sketches as decided by votes will be selected, and the winner announced at Crème de la Crème on November 15th, 2009.
Good luck and start sketching!

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  1. What a great contest :) the lucky winner sure will be happy!

    To bad that im not a bride, otherwise i totally would sign up for the contest hahah

  2. I sure could have used this competition last year when I was planning my wedding. What a great contest and good luck to all participants!

  3. Hi,

    Just came across you blog and really enjoyed.

    Please come and visit mine too, is a fashion inspired by Portobello Road, London.

    Hope you like it and hope to see you soon.

  4. That's fun. When I got married, the magazine I worked for covered my wedding, (I had had a bridal column for some time, so they decided to document the whole shebang!) and they hired this amazing Pastry Chef who does crazy things over at Disney to make my cake. It was AWESOME. To this day people still talk about how yummy that cake was...too bad I was too busy to get any. I think a little icing may have gotten in my mouth during the cake smooshing moment, but that's it!

  5. Oooh what a wonderful contest. I would like to say that if I ever get married the cake will be insanely eccentric in design, but for some things, it is the little details that make the difference rather than a crazy design. Hope you're having a lovely day dear :)

  6. Sweeeeeet contest (pun intended!)...


  7. hey thanks for posting this! i will see what i can do : )

  8. Cool contest! I think my dream cake atm is this one I saw ages ago in a bridal mag - it was robin egg blue and covered in branches and little birds!

  9. Amazing article on Obakki lady! Your blog is looking fabulous as usual. I can't wait to get your letter! You have no idea how much they make my day. Hope you are well and miss you tons!

  10. Omg, I wish I was planning a wedding so I could enter this contest... I think the boyfriend would be a bitttt freaked if I mentioned it though ;) Wonderful post, as always!

  11. I would want a cupcake tower. : )
    The flower on the necklace is by St. John from years ago.


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