Stylish Awards

The blogosphere has been showing me a lot of love lately: I received two awards this month, one from Haute World and one from Wendy Brandes Jewelry! Thanks ladies. :)

Haute World gave me the Stylish Blogger Award along with a tag: I have to list 10 things that make up my unique style.

Here goes...
  1. To keep from showing too much skin, I layer white tanks and tees under strappy sun dresses and revealing tank tops.
  2. I prefer silver jewelry to gold most of the time.
  3. My perfect outfit is a combination of fashion, function, and comfort. I have to feel confident and comfortable in it; it has to keep me cool or hot depending on the weather; and it has to be cute!
  4. Friends describe my style as "classic with a touch of whimsy and a love of detail."
  5. Favourite colours of the moment: black, gray, cream, white, cobalt blue, turquoise, hot pink.
  6. My Chanel 2.55 has become something of a style signature. I've actually been recognized by readers as "Solo Lisa" because of it!
  7. I'd rather have a few quality handbags that are versatile and stylish and get a lot of use than lots of cheaper handbags I can only use on very specific occasions.
  8. Jackets and coats are my biggest weakness. The perfect little blazer or jacket over a tee and jeans elevates an outfit.
  9. Most days, I either put my hair in a ponytail or leave it down.
  10. My uniform on salsa days: a cute top, dangly statement earrings, jeans, and ballroom shoes.
Wendy awarded me her seal of approval. Thanks Wendy!


  1. Hanes mens tanks baby! Lifesavers! Congrats on the awards. : )

  2. Congrats on the awards!
    And the grey dress you're wearing some posts down+ the UO shoes= LOVE.

  3. Congrats on your awards!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congrads on the awards ; ) I love the insight on your style...

  5. i'd definitely have to say that the way your friends describe your style is 100% accurate.

  6. You deserve everyone's seal of approval!

  7. Congrats, darling!
    Love your list ~ especially with you on #7!


  8. Congratulations on your awards!! :) Love your ten facts... It's award season ;)

  9. congrats on the awards. and i love your notes about your personal style.

  10. Congrats on the awards! ^^
    Your blog truly deserves it ^__^


  11. Congrats on the awards, you really deserve them!

  12. Oh man how cool is it that your readers recognize you by your Chanel 2.55?!! XD What made you decide to take the leap for that!

    I totally agree about the fashion, comfort, function thing. A big big part of my wardrobe stems from comfort but I think if I had a car, I'd definitely wear more heels haha

    Congrats on the awards!

  13. Ohhh! Congratulations!! Two awards at a time. I am following you on twitter but this is my first time in your blog. I'm glad to know you a little bit better through this post :)


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