Today's Outfit: From the Office to the Runway

Last week, I found myself rushing from late nights at the office to 8pm fashion shows at BC Fashion Week. The problem? Dressing appropriately for both places. The solution? An outfit that didn't show too much skin, wasn't so flashy that I'd look out of place at work yet still looked presentable when I was schmoozing with some of Vancouver's most fashionable folks.

On top of this outfit, I donned my new blue-green wool coat from Togs, my "payment" for another round of copywriting. This coat was a sample for a design that never went into production, so it's truly one-of-a-kind. I like how the hip length is perfect for pairing with mini dresses and shorter skirts, allowing a bit of the hem to peek out from underneath. A big thank you to Jenny and Tabitha of Two of Hearts!
  • Dress (Topshop)
  • Tee (Suzy Shier)
  • Cardigan (Banana Republic)
  • Leggings (Forever 21)
  • Boots (Steve Madden via Army and Navy)
  • Necklace (Wendy Brandes)
  • Purse (Chanel)
  • Coat (Togs)


  1. The dress alone is fantastic, but I ADORE how you've layered, here.

  2. OMG I love the way you layered your looks here. And the teal coat is adorable on you. Left you an award on my blog ;) Have a great Monday!

  3. Gorgeous, darling! Love your dress!


  4. adorable floral print...what a great find! xo*

  5. i love love the color on that coat. it is so beautiful.

  6. I love your layering here, Lisa! The sweet dress paired with heavier fabrics seems perfect for BC weather and BC fashion shows! Sounds like a blast!

  7. Lovin the boots! That was such a great find.

  8. Cute Jacket. Where'd you get that? :P


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