Eye Makeup 101 Featuring Maybelline Eye Studio

In my last post, I reviewed Maybelline Eye Studio and said that I'd blog some of the looks I put together using the Eye Studio products. I'm by no means a makeup artist, but hey, the products are designed for novices and their tagline is "no makeup artist required," so I suppose I'm their perfect demographic. Enjoy!


Purple eyeshadow has always been one of my favourites because its warm tones flatter golden Asian skin and brown eyes. This look is a slightly more dramatic take on this spring's pastels trend.

Products used: Colour Plush eyeshadow quad in Purple Icon, Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Blackest Black, XXL Pro 24Hr Bold mascara in Very Black.

How to:
  1. Prep your lids with primer and brush brows into place.
  2. Sweep the white shadow (shade #1) on your browbone.
  3. Sweep shade #2 from your lash line to your crease.
  4. Sweep shade #3 in a crescent motion in your crease. Take a large fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend if necessary.
  5. Take a smaller shadow brush and apply shade #4 along your lash line. Smudge and blend.
  6. Apply gel eyeliner in a thin line along lashes with the gel eyeliner brush.
  7. Curl lashes and apply mascara.


Gold eyeshadow is such a pretty look for bronzed summer complexions. For this look, I roughly followed an eye makeup tutorial in one of my Japanese fashion magazines which was intended for a neutral eyeshadow palette.

Products used: Colour Plush eyeshadow quad in Give Me Gold, XXL Pro 24Hr Bold mascara in Very Black.

How to:
  1. Apply primer all over your lids.
  2. Sweep shade #1 just above your crease.
  3. Sweep shade #2 from the crease down to your lash line.
  4. Smudge shade #3 along the lash line.
  5. Dab shade #1 on the centre of your lid for extra glimmer.
  6. Using an angled liner brush, line your upper lash line and the inner corner of your eye with shade #4.
  7. Starting from the middle of your lower lash line, use an angled liner brush to line your eye with shade #1 all the way to the outer corner.
  8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.


Disclaimer: I didn't come up with this. I saw it on another blog and can't remember the source, but it's a fun twist on a classic makeup look nonetheless.

Products used: Colour Plush eyeshadow quad in Pink Persuasion, Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Blackest Black, XXL Pro 24Hr Bold mascara in Very Black.

How to:
  1. Apply primer on your lids, but be sure not to apply too close to the lash line where you'll be applying the liner.
  2. Using a large eyeshadow brush, apply the pink shade from the palette all over your lid.
  3. Draw a thin line along your lashes using the gel eyeliner and the liner brush, and flick the brush at the outer corner of the eye. Trace over the line to build up a thicker line gradually.
  4. Just above the wing, draw another wing and flick it out.
  5. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
What's your favourite way of doing eye makeup?

P.S. A quick reminder that you should leave a comment on my previous post if you want a chance to win 3 XXL mascaras and 3 gel eyeliners. Good luck!


  1. yes, i do think so too.
    lovely post. maybelline? a yes. :D

  2. Very informative post. I enjoy learning new methods re.makeup;-)

  3. I *adore* the double wing and, when I have more than 5 minutes to get ready, I will be copying this.

  4. The double wing is tres cute. You wear it so well dear. xx

    vintage delights for sale: shop chateau

  5. So gorgeous, darling!
    Especially loving the double-winged liner!


  6. Great tutorials! Ahh I see you didn't try using the lace? I was wondering if that would work or not.

  7. My eye makeup techniques really haven't changed. In a rush, I usually brush a light matte shadow from lashline to brows, then do a light shimmery bronze gold on the lid. Eyes are lined with black on top and lightly lined with bronze of khaki on the bottom.

    Then I do ONE MILLION coats of mascara lol - and always heat up my eyelash curler with my blow dryer :)

    (if I feel fancy, I use shimmery white/blush shadow underneath the brows, instead of matte and use an angled shadow brush to do a bit of darkness in the crease!)

  8. cute looks!! I got the kit too, I need to ply and come up with some ideas this weekend!

  9. the double eyeliner flick is extremely cute!

  10. Definitely trying the double winged eyeliner tonight! Thanks for the awesome tips girl! You rock at this!

  11. Oh i really like double wing eyeliner look. Never thought of that before. : )

  12. For more control, using water or something to mix with the eyeshadow (MAC has some sort of specific product for this but I can't find it on their site and have no idea what it's called. Some eyeshadows, particularly MAC, don't mix well with water) works really well. I rarely every apply eyeshadow dry; it's way too messy that way and gets all over the rest of one's face unless one is very diligent with tissue shields. Maybe you've tried that, but I love that trick.

  13. i really like the double winged eyeliner on you. i'm impressed with your precision!

  14. Darn it... SOLD.

    I'm trying to break out of my neutral eyeshadow rut.. but I hate buying bad or ineffective products.

    Those look sheer enough to not make me run for the hills


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