MIA This Week

I'm taking a bit of a blogging break this week for many reasons:
  1. The Victoria Day long weekend was such a relaxing time I don't want it to end.
  2. I'll be working on a secret project.
  3. I'm experiencing a bit of blogger's fatigue. Nothing has caught my fancy or inspired me lately and I don't want to post just for the sake of posting if I don't feel strongly about it.

Posts will resume next week, and hopefully by then I'll have made enough progress on the project to announce it.

See you soon!


  1. so sory..
    just come back lisa..
    we'll miss u..

  2. I wanna know what the secret project is. Waaah!

  3. Oh no, Lisa. Hope you get over your fatigue soon!

    Happy week off!


  4. Enjoy your blogging break, sweetie, one should never post for posting sake. See you soon;-)

  5. helloooo!!
    i've been trying to email you but they keep getting returned? i even tried copy and pasting the email from your profile and sending but alas, no dice. is there another email i can reach you at? just trying to set up this lara presber interview. i'm waiting to hear back from her and was sending you an email to let you know that i'm still working on it, just waiting on her :)


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