Vincent Park Launches Cheap Monday Cult Club

Owners Lauren and Cara Stryner

As much as I love the idea of premium denim, sometimes all I need is a basic pair of well-fitting skinny jeans that won't break the bank. That's where brands like Cheap Monday come in. The Scandinavian label took its name from the phenomenon of partying too hard and on the weekends and being flat broke on Mondays because of the partying. Cheap Monday's loyal fans love the great designs at affordable price points, but surprisingly enough their clothes aren't carried at very many Vancouver stores.

Vincent Park is one of the few Vancouver boutiques that does, and with their new Cheap Monday Cult Club, they're hoping to make your next denim fix more affordable. When you purchase your first pair of Cheap Monday jeans from Vincent Park, they'll give you a loyalty card that will be stamped for this and subsequent purchases, eventually earning you a free pair of jeans. Other perks of being in the club include special offers and event invites. Check out their website for more information.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the speakeasy-themed party that Vincent Park and Vanguard PR threw last week to celebrate the launch of the Cult Club. Channeling the old-school appeal of the boutique's decor (which was inspired by the fact that the space used to be an antique store), the bartender served whisky drinks while a girl with cotton candy-coloured hair walked around offering guests sweet kettle-popped popcorn. This was my first time in the store, and I have to admit, the retro touches (ornithology illustrations plastered on the walls, framed maps, the deer head on the wall, the vintage photobooth in perfect working order) really charmed me.

Stylist Paulo Vallejo and makeup artist Mary Ann Richardson

Thanks to Vincent Park for a great party. I'll definitely be back the next time I need jeans.


  1. Cheap Monday sounds like a brilliant
    concept.... don't mind if I do!

    Im sure you will be seeing me there sometime soon... thanks for the post. I dont know if I would have known about this any other way.

    Yours Truly

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  2. what a fun & unique store, I'm actually on the hunt for a (fake), kitschy deer head for my future wisconsin apt to give it the northwoods touch haha! if you see one, let me know!

  3. ah i love vincent park. i really wanted to attend but couldn't make it!

  4. what a super cute party. I love checking out the stuff at Vincent Park...I just like shopping around that whole hood.

  5. I love all of my Cheap Mondays. I was so excited when I found a store in Atlanta that sold them about 3 years ago - now they're all over.

    Looks like a great party. Did you buy a pair?

  6. I love the idea of cheap monday...adn can definitely realte considering that my debit card was declined at taco bell at 1:30 am last night/this morning :P Great post.



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